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 Mr Joe Emmim
Mr Joe Emmim

Adehyeman Savings and Loans acquires unique banking software

The Adehyeman Savings and Loans Company Limited, one of the few leaders in the industry, has introduced a new full banking software that allows customers of the bank to register their accounts using biometric means.

The software, acquired from Germany, is intended to help speed the service delivery process. This means that once they place their finger on the machine, it will show their details, a process which saves the time of having to produce an identity card of any sort to access their accounts.

The Managing Director of the company, Mr Joe Emmim, told the Daily Graphic that the new software “will help reduce identity theft; that means they are the only people who can transact any banking business on their account.”

“They will also be issued with Automated Teller machine (ATM) cards instantaneously. That means once they open an account, they get their ATM card instantly and that will be linked directly to the GHLink to enable them to transact business on that system.


In terms of security, Mr Emmim said the software ensured maximum security on their accounts. “This is because there will be no paperwork. Everything will be done electronically. The data will be stored in a secure environment to avoid hacking or tampering from any outside source”.

According to him, another unique feature of the software was that it also allows third party application, meaning it is a module for mobile banking. “In addition, we will have SMS notifications to help keep in touch with customers and notify them about transactions,” he added.

“This allows customers to check their accounts and transfer funds. One of the key points is that those who have mobile money wallets can move money in and out of their accounts. They can move money across the wallets; that is, from one network wallet to the other.”

He said the software was specifically acquired to ease the service process customers of the bank went through and to add value to their services.

“Now the efficiency is that they do not need to do paperwork; they just have to tell the cashier what they want to do and they get issues sorted. The only thing needed is their fingerprint. They don’t need to remember their bank account number because their fingerprints will identify them.

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