Duamenefa regional tournament to Illuminate Volta region

In a mesmerizing showcase of unity, empowerment, and sporting excellence, the Volta Region of Ghana is gearing up for a grand celebration that promises to be a beacon of hope and transformation.


The Duamenefa Regional Tournament, a prestigious annual sporting event, will take center stage on September 30, 2023, bringing communities together and offering a platform for the youth to shine. As the tournament unfolds, it will serve as a remarkable testament to the power of sports in fostering peaceful coexistence and realizing the potential of young talents.

 Duamenefa Regional Tournament: From Football Gala to a Regional Extravaganza

 The Duamenefa Regional Tournament, initiated by Fafaa 100.3 FM, a private commercial radio station based in Dzodze, Volta Region, has evolved significantly over the years. With the support of its Non-Governmental Organization partner, Duamenefa Foundation, the tournament has grown in stature and significance.

 Initially launched as a football gala in 2017, the tournament has steadily gained momentum. It started with 46 football clubs and has since seen remarkable growth, with 126 teams registering for this year’s competition. The tournament’s mission goes beyond football; it aims to promote peaceful coexistence and unearth hidden talents within the youth.

 One of the key contributors to this remarkable growth has been the National Sports Authority, recognizing the tournament’s potential. The NSA’s support, including endorsement of clubs and players’ certificates, has been instrumental. The tournament’s elevation to a regional status was endorsed by the former Volta Regional Director of the NSA, Mr. Amponfi Kwami Jnr.

 The tournament’s success has also attracted support from sponsors and individuals dedicated to its noble cause. Notably, Hon. Gabriel Kwamigah Atokple Tanko, who has been described as “AN ANGEL ON DIVINE ASSIGNMENT,” played a pivotal role by contributing financially and providing essential resources, including brand-new pickups.

 Unearthing Hidden Talents and International Recognition

 The Duamenefa Regional Tournament is not just about games; it’s about shaping futures. The tournament has become a talent hub, with several players getting opportunities in international leagues. Augustine Shamo Amewolorna and Kpornyo Doe Ballack are shining examples, playing for clubs in Turkey and Division One and Premier Leagues in Ghana, respectively. The tournament’s success has also attracted scouts from the USA, UK, and Portugal, who are eager to discover the next generation of football stars.

 In a significant collaboration, Portuguese football development expert Mr. Pedro Macienreiha has joined hands with the tournament, scouting for talent that can be nurtured for Portuguese clubs. This partnership highlights the tournament’s potential to impact global football.

Empowering the Disabled: A Prelude to Greatness

As a precursor to the grand durbar of the 5th edition of the Duamenefa Regional Tournament, a series of transformative seminars for the disabled and their caregivers have taken place. Led by the compassionate Stephanie Butowsky, these seminars have been a source of hope, empowerment, and encouragement for a community often overlooked by society.

Stephanie’s extensive experience in empowering individuals with unique needs and challenges has left a profound impact on attendees. Her unwavering dedication to the disabled community and their caregivers has been celebrated, reminding us all of the importance of inclusivity and compassion.

 These seminars have set the stage for the grand durbar, adding depth to the tournament’s mission of unity and community spirit. The grand durbar, scheduled for September 30, promises to be an international spectacle, drawing the attention of scouts and offering life-changing opportunities to the youth.

 In a world where sport and compassion intersect, the Duamenefa Regional Tournament stands as a symbol of what can be achieved when communities unite, talents are nurtured, and the vulnerable are empowered. As the grand durbar approaches, the Volta Region awaits a day of celebration, inspiration, and the promise of a brighter future for its youth.

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