Burnley FC charity collects jerseys for Ghanaian street children

BY: graphic,com.gh
Clarets striker Sam Vokes
Clarets striker Sam Vokes

English Premier League club Burnley FC have stepped up their efforts to collect football kits for street children in Ghana.

Clarets striker Sam Vokes has lent his support to the Burnley FC in the Community’s (BFCitC) Kits for Kids campaign for a very personal reason.
Launched back in 2015, Kits for Kids asks Burnley FC fans to donate their old football kits for street children living in the community in Ghana where BFCitC are helping with the build of new classroom block.
With the Clarets’ official charity heading back to Ghana in March, BFCitC are re-launching the campaign. However, this year, 50% of the collected donations will go to a charitable project for orphaned street children in Nakuru, Kenya – founded by Sam’s grandparents almost 20 years ago.
Siobhán McNamara, Marketing and Events Manager at BFCitC said: “We’re delighted to be working with Sam for this year’s Kits for Kids campaign!
“Chatting to Sam and finding out more about the work of his grandparents’ project, Children’s Aid International, it was clear there is plenty of synergy with the work we’re involved with in Ghana via African Adventures and the Young Shall Grow International. In both cases, the projects support local street children who are in need of good quality clothing, shoes and underwear, as well as sanitary products and school equipment.
“Therefore, it made complete sense to team up with Sam for this year’s Kits for Kids campaign! With his help, we’re hoping lots of fans will see this campaign and in turn, donate what they can to the two respective projects. We’ll take 50% of the donations to Ghana with us in March and the other 50% will be shipped to Kenya later in the year.”
Sam Vokes, Burnley FC striker said: “I get updates from my Grandma on a regular basis about her project in Kenya and though I can’t get out there at the moment because of my job, I’ve wanted to find a way to help the children there for a long time. I chatted to BFCitC about the project and we had the idea to partner up for the Kits for Kids campaign.
“Both the children in Kenya and in Ghana just need the basics that many of us take for granted – clothing items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks and shoes and washing items like toothbrushes. I also know they love football as much as we all do back here at home. What they have in terms of playing equipment is minimal, so it would be great to get some footballs out there too. The list goes on, but we just want to do what we can to help out.”
BFCitC has worked closely with both African Adventures and Children’s Aid International to establish the need of the children at both projects. The following requests have been made:
Clean, good quality children’s clothing items including:
  • Football kits
  • T-shirts / shorts / trousers /shirts
  • Socks / underwear
  • Good quality children’s shoes and flip flops
  • Washing products such as soaps and toothbrushes
  • School equipment such as pencils, paper, sharpeners and books
  • Deflated footballs