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ASA Plus Destinations partners Deaf Sports Federation for 2022 Deaflympics in Brazil

BY: GraphicOnline
ASA Plus Destinations partners Deaf Sports Federation for 2022 Deaflympics in Brazil
ASA Plus Destinations partners Deaf Sports Federation for 2022 Deaflympics in Brazil

The Ghana Deaf Sports Federation in partnership with ASA Plus Destination have officially declared their readiness to participate in the upcoming 2022 Deaflympics in Brazil.

The 15-day competition would see participation in deaf Handball, Athletics, Football, Canoeing, Rowing among others.

The 24th Deaflympics games have been scheduled to take place in the city of Caxias do Sul from May 1-15, 2022.

Speaking at the official launch of the partnership in Accra on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, the federation revealed plans of making a positive impact at the games.

"We have travelled to many tournaments in Denmark and Turkey but anytime we go we always learn something new and anytime we want to travel, it is because of financial constraints but now we have ASA Plus coming on board to support us so we believe we are going to do better than the previous years," Mr Jonathan Amuah, the President of the Ghana Deaf Sports Federation said.

He added "We also have the media here, we want to plead with you all to go and do the publicity. When we go and win it is for all of us in general,"

They also appealed to the government, Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the GOC for support towards the games.

"Please try and help us speak to the GOC and other institutions to help us get the necessary support that we need. Deaf people are suffering here, other countries like Nigeria and Kenya have the support from their government and people, but what about Ghana?, Please support the Ghana Deaf Sports Federation so we can go to Brazil to perform", he stressed.

In an interaction with the media, the Federation stated that the Executives have put measures in place to ensure Ghana gets a medal.

They highlighted the importance of their past participation in Denmark and Turkey, adding that it played a positive impact.

"The federation was established in 1994 and we have gone through a lot of challenges. In 2004 we had very strong coordination, we joined the international bodies because we wanted people to hear us both home and abroad and know what deaf sports is about.

"We have the games coming up in a few months’ time, and it will be prudent for the sports minister to use his esteemed office to help us. We also call on the Ghana Olympic Committee president, Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah and other bodies to come to our aid", he said.

"We have participated in other past events and due to lack of funds and support we couldn't win any medal but we were able to make a mark on the international scene and people heard about Ghana. So we want to plead to Ghanaians to support us."

Mr. Abraham Sarbeng, the Chief Executive Officer of ASA Plus Destinations, welcomed the partnership and assured the federation of his full commitment ahead of the games in Brazil.