Let’s begin 2024 work now - Kwesimintsim MP tells TESCON members

BY: Daily Graphic
Mr Prince Hamid Armah
Mr Prince Hamid Armah

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Kwesimintsim in the Western Region, Dr Prince Hamid Armah, has charged members of the tertiary wing of the governing NPP to start work now if they want to see the party break the eight-year reign.

He said elections were not only lost in election years but in the months and years preceding it.

“Between now and December 2024, all we do must be geared towards breaking the eight-year jinx. It won’t be easy but it can be done.

"So TESCON members must work extra hard to protect and project the government’s achievements and reassure our more restless colleagues who do not see what we are doing to fix the country,” Dr Armah, who is also the Deputy Chair of the Parliament’s Education Committee said.

Dr Armah told members of TESCON ATU Chapter during a hand over and freshers orientation ceremony, last Thursday and added that leadership must focus on assisting the president to achieve the mandate and campaign promises rather than engaging in premature leadership squabbles that could only divide the party.

TESCON members

"The governing NPP is on the brink of making history if it is able to retain power in the 2024 election.

"It will be the first time in the Fourth Republican Constitution that a government wins three successive elections over a 12-year period," he said.

8-Year term

The two leading political parties — the National Democratic Congress and the NPP — have both won two elections but failed to break the eight-year jinx, something the NPP will attempt to do in 2024. That will not come easy and Dr Prince Armah is well aware of that.

“If we succumb to the myth of the eight-year cycle, we will fail the Ghanaian people, ourselves and jeopardise our future as a nation,” he said, when he addressed the students as a special guest of the event.

It was on the theme: “The role of TESCON in consolidating our gains to break the eight”.

Dr Armah, who was himself a former TESCON Secretary for the UEW Branch, said a lot depended on the student wing if the party would break the jinx.

He said Tescon was founded at a time when the NPP and its ideology were under threat in the early part of the Fourth Republic but it took hard work and sacrifice from TESCON members to mobilise across tertiary campuses to bring the NPP to power in 2000.

"Since then, TESCON has played a pivotal role when the party is in and out of power," he stated.


Chronicling the various roles TESCON played ahead of the 2000 election, 2012 election petition, 2016 and 2020 elections, the former Director General of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) said TESCON had played an “invaluable part of the party’s set up, mobilising, spreading our message, providing feedback and working in various ways to keep the party’s mission of winning elections and changing Ghana for the better on course”.

He said the stakes in 2024 were even higher because the party could not allow the successes it had chalked up to be destroyed by the NDC.
“Our progress as a nation has been interrupted by the NDC’s tenure in office. The gains under Kufuor were ruined by the Mills-Mahama administrations. Now we have returned to do even better.