Following Supreme Court ruling: EC affirms voter registration starts Tuesday, June 30

BY: Isaac Yeboah

The Electoral Commission (EC) has served notice it will proceed with the voters registration exercise on Tuesday, June 30, as planned.

The registration exercise will end on August 6, 2020, according to a statement issued by the Commission late Thursday afternoon.

"The Commission entreats all stakeholders to hold themselves in readiness for the Voters Registration Exercise", the statement signed by Mrs. Sylvia Annoh, Ag Director of Public Affairs, said.

The latest announcement by the EC follows the Supreme Court's clearance Thursday for the Commission to proceed with the exercise in accordance with CI 126, which approves the Ghana Card (issued by the National Identification Authority) and Ghanaian Passports as the only legal documents a registrant may provide to qualify for registration. A final option is for would be registrants to be vouched for by two registered voters.

In endorsing the Supreme Court's ruling, the EC said it is a Commission which believes in the sanctity of the law, and thus respects the decision of the court, quoting the Supreme Court as saying that, "The Electoral Commission in exercising their discretion in the discharge of their constitutional mandate in cleaning the voters Register should be deemed as authorised to be acting within the law and the regulations therein, and cannot be faulted even if it is considered that there is a more efficient mode or method available." 

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