Graphic staff hold food bazaar

BY: Juliet Akyaa Safo & Yaa kuffour Senyah
Staff members being served at the event
Staff members being served at the event

Staff of Graphic Communications Group Limited sold culinary lessons on traditional Ghanaian delicacies yesterday at the company’s latest chapter of the Ghana Month celebration in Accra.

The event, an inter-departmental food contest, sought to advertise and encourage local dishes and to share the preparation skills and recipes among staff to promote the Ghanaian culture.

A local organising team headed by Mrs Hadiza Nuhu-Billa Quansah, the Assistant Editor of The Mirror, had turned the car park of the company’s Head Office into a makeshift jumbo-size kitchen and food pavilions where the News Department prepared and served fried yam and chicken with local beverages; the Technical Services Department prepared abolo and yakayake with agbametadi and akpakanami; fufu with goat light soup came from the Marketing Department; tilapia, pork and pepper sauce from G-PAK, a subsidiary of the GCGL; banku with fish from the Human Resource and Administration Department; and jollof rice with chicken and goat meat from the Managing Director’s Office.

Staff relationship

It was the first non-competitive event in the chain of activities for the “One Ghana, One People” celebration.

Mrs Quansah explained that the event was to improve the bonding among the staff and to promote Ghanaian local dishes.

Peace Gadogbe (right), SHE-Q Manager, serving food at one of the tables.

“Today, we decided to showcase authentic Ghanaian foods so employees will decide the regional food they would want to eat. The event is to celebrate the Ghana Month and to also improve the bonding among us because we hardly get to sit together. And we believe this is just to let us come together to have lunch and to go back to our offices to continue our work,” she said.

The next exercise, she said, would involve inter-departmental games featuring local games.

“We will be having old games where we will challenge each other in teams. We will play ludo, draughts, oware and other local games to bring back memories of old,” she said.

Staff relationship

Addressing staff during the event, the Corporate Communications Manager, Emmanuel Agyei Arthur, said the event was to encourage a continued family bonding among staff for a common purpose that bordered on humanity.

“Our gathering here today is one of the ways to bring happiness to the workplace since most of us have been working hard. We also want to use this time to eat together and to familiarise with ourselves as most of us might not have regular contact with people. So when we meet regularly like this it will help us to know each other,” he said.