Akro-Farms gifts 15,000 eggs, 500 chicken to widows on Val's Day

BY: graphic.com.gh
Akro-Farms donates 15,000 eggs, 500 chicken to widows on Val's Day
Akro-Farms donates 15,000 eggs, 500 chicken to widows on Val's Day

Akro-Farms has through its corporate social responsibility initiative, donated 15,000 eggs and 500 chicken to 500 widows drawn from the Akuapem Ridge.

The poultry products were donated to the widows who live in communities located in the farm’s catchment area on February 14, 2021, to mark Valentine’s day.

The CEO of Akro-Farms, Ms Salomey Gyamfi said her outfit chose widows to celebrate with so as to fill the void created by the departure of their loved ones.

“In sharing these eggs, Akro-Farms aims to also encourage the consumption of eggs on the Akuapem Ridge as a means of curbing malnutrition,” Mts Gyamfi said.

About Akro-Farms

Established in 2019, Akro-Farms is the biggest integrated and automated poultry facility in West Africa, producing fresh and healthy table eggs, day-old chicks, chicken feed and meat. Akro-Farm’s model adopts innovative agribusiness targeted at climate change mitigation and sustainable rural development.

The focus of the farm is to become a leading producer and supplier of quality eggs, day-old chicks, chicken feed and meat in Africa. The farm runs a fully automated system which makes it highly efficient and allows the farm to respond to customer needs in impressive time as well as avert possible risks that may arise from the farm. The farm’s processes from feed preparation to egg collection allow it to ultimately give a royal treatment to the birds as such enhancing their royal journey.

Aside sharing eggs, Akro-Farms has been involved in youth engagement on the Ridge through a series of community initiatives. The Farm has sponsored a Community-based Football league and is a key partner to the Akuapem Education Trust Foundation which sponsors higher education on the Akuapem Ridge.

In the coming days, Akro-Farms looks forward to exploring diverse avenues as a way of giving back to the community and deepening the reach of its social intervention programmes. Akro-Farms is particularly committed to curbing malnutrition and thereby helping achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2 thus Zero Hunger on the Akuapem Ridge by 2030.