Professor Margaret Ross —Software Quality Expert Educator at  British Computer Society
Professor Margaret Ross —Software Quality Expert Educator at British Computer Society

Implement AI with human, ethical face - Expert advises educational authorities

A Software Quality Expert Educator at the British Computer Society, Professor Margaret Ross, has advised authorities to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the educational curricula through a forward-thinking approach. 


She highlighted the transformative power of AI in education and outlined how AI could revolutionise educational practices, enhance learning experiences for the youth and even children from age four, and prepare the youth for future challenges.

Prof. Ross, however, explained that even though it was important to foster a culture of innovation among educators and students alike, AI empowerment should be implemented with a human and ethical face.

She was speaking at the inaugural webinar of the African Society of Comparative International Education, Technology, and Youth (ASCIETY). 


The webinar was on the theme; "Harnessing AI for Youth Empowerment: Leveraging AI Tools for Education and Skills Development of the African Youth.”

It brought together educators, policymakers, technologists, and other stakeholders for future collaboration and innovation as it sought to increase awareness of the potential of AI in transforming education and skills development, highlighting the opportunities and challenges while enhancing the understanding of how AI can address socio-economic issues and the strategies needed for effective implementation.

Most importantly, it empowered the youth, inspiring them to harness AI for personal and community growth, driving sustainable development across Africa.


During the discussions, panellists explored how AI could be leveraged to address socio-economic issues, improve access to quality education and foster innovation and touched on practical strategies for integrating AI tools into educational systems and the positive socio-economic impacts of such initiatives.

They also stressed the need for ASCIETY to take charge and chart a new course, moving away from the “business as usual mentality” that had plagued many such development efforts in Africa.

 Additionally, the discussants delved into the ethical considerations surrounding AI in education. They highlighted the importance of ensuring the ethical use of AI, addressing issues of privacy, and bias, and the responsible deployment of AI technologies.

The discussion underscored the need for clear policy frameworks and guidelines to govern the use of AI in educational settings, ensuring that these technologies are used to benefit all students equitably and stressed the need for AI empowerment to be well-rounded and inclusive.

A Former Head of the Centre for Geo-Information Studies at the University of East London, Professor Allan Brimicombe, emphasised the critical importance of AI for Africa's future.

He highlighted how AI could address the unique challenges faced by the continent and the pivotal role that the youth must play in this transformation.

Against that backdrop, Professor Brimicombe called on governments and all stakeholders across the continent to waste no time in investing in AI by underscoring the urgency of equipping young Africans with such skills.

Untapped potentials

The Executive Director of Institutional Development at the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology (CIBT), Dr Emefa J.A. Takyi-Amoako, noted that Africa held immense potential that remained untapped.

She lamented how the situation had forced many African youth to embark on dangerous adventures across the Saharan Desert and the Mediterranean Sea to seek greener pastures in Europe and other places, a journey on which many perish and never got to their dreamed destinations.

“At ASCIETY, we believe the key to unlocking this potential is in the education and empowerment of our youth.

“In this digital age, AI stands as a transformative force that can revolutionise the way we learn, work and interact with the world.

“Our goal is to ensure that African youth are not merely consumers of this technology but are also creators and leaders in the revolution,” she said.

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