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To Rama!

To Rama!

From the moment I first saw her, I knew my life would never be the same.


"She's the most beautiful person I have ever met," I told Dexster, my heart instantly captivated by the depth of her eyes. It was a feeling unlike any I had experienced before, a blend of awe and yearning that made me believe I had found something truly special in her.

Our initial encounter is etched in my memory. With a guarded demeanour, she had said, "I didn’t come to call out my name to strangers," when I first tried to approach her. But despite her cautious words, it was her eyes that spoke volumes, pulling me into a world where I felt both vulnerable and enchanted.

As time passed, what began as a beautiful connection slowly started to fray. I had promised myself I would always make her smile, but now I could only watch helplessly as tears filled her eyes, knowing I was the cause.

Night after night, I found myself sobbing into my pillow, haunted by the realisation that my attempts to be a good friend had turned into a burden. Though she never explicitly said so, I felt it in my bones.

I thought back to the countless moments we shared—days filled with laughter and walks hand in hand. Her charming eyes had a way of making me feel like a child again, craving her affection and care.

Those moments are now just memories, and the emptiness I feel is overwhelming. I miss the way she looked at me, the way her presence brought irreplaceable joy to my life. My remorse is profound.

I never intended to make her feel like an option. In my heart, she was always my number one. Everyone who knows me can attest to how much I prioritised her. Yet, somewhere along the way, my actions failed to convey the depth of my feelings.

Now, as I sit alone in the darkness, the weight of my sorrow pressing down on me, I wish more than anything to turn back time. I wish I could erase the hurt and bring back the days when our connection was strong and unbreakable. My tears are a testament to the love I still feel for her, a love that refuses to fade despite the pain.

I long to tell her how sorry I am. I want her to know that life without her feels unbearably incomplete and that I miss her with every fibre of my being. My heartfelt apology is more than just words—it’s a plea for another chance, a hope that we can rebuild what has been lost.

If she can see the depth of my remorse and the sincerity of my love, I hope we can find a way to heal. Because in the end, loving her is the most real thing I have ever known, and I cannot imagine a life without her in it. I am truly, deeply sorry.

I'm sorry, Rama..

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