Slip-ups:  Subject, object cases (4)

BY: Junior Graphic

From our discussions in the past few weeks, we have learnt that sentences such as the following are incorrect:

  1. Me and my friends went to the party together.
  2. The man and them know each other.
  3. Myself and him will go to see the owner of the property.
  4. Mansa insulted Kofi and I for making fun of her.
  5. The man and his wife gave we their servants money for our upkeep.
  6. The police are questioning the girls and he concerning the incident.
  7. Sammy and him are the favourites of madam.
  8. You and me deserve praise for our role in preventing the fire outbreak.
  9. Our sister and them have lived in the US for a long time.
  10. She and me cannot work together again.

Can you determine the errors in these sentences and rewrite them correctly?

Let’s look at the first one and use it as a guide:

Me and my friends went to the party together.

First, the use of the pronoun me is incorrect because it is in the object case.

But the pronoun and the noun friend are supposed to be the subject of the verb went, for which reason the pronoun should be in the subject case, I, so that it can perform the action of went.

So, if anything, the sentence should be:

I and my friends went to the party together.

But we also know that in English we do not put the first person pronoun I first when there is a third or a second person in the sentence.

This makes the sentence:

I and my friends.....


It should rather be:

My friends and I went to the party together.

Now try and analyse the remaining nine sentences in the same way for discussion next week.