A mangled vehicle resulting from a road crash
A mangled vehicle resulting from a road crash

Ensuring road safety for all

Ghana, known for its vibrant culture and rich history, faces a devastating reality on its roads. 


Road accidents in Ghana have become a significant public safety issue, causing widespread concern among citizens and authorities alike. The country’s road network, which includes major highways and rural pathways, witnesses a distressing number of accidents each year, impacting the economy and societal well-being.

Recent data from the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) reveals a troubling trend. In 2023 alone, there were over 14,000 reported road accidents, leading to more than 2,500 deaths and countless injuries.

These figures mark a slight increase from previous years, indicating a persistent challenge despite ongoing efforts to improve road safety.

One of the primary causes of road accidents in Ghana is reckless driving. Many drivers, particularly commercial vehicle drivers, disregard traffic laws and regulations, speeding and overtaking with abandon.

The desire to arrive quickly at destinations, combined with a lack of enforcement and effective penalties, creates a culture of impunity on the roads.

Another significant factor is the poor state of vehicles plying the roads. Many commercial vehicles, including buses and trucks, are old and poorly maintained, with faulty brakes, worn-out tyres and inadequate lighting.

The absence of regular vehicle inspections and enforcement of safety standards means that these death traps continue to operate, putting lives at risk. Additionally, the country's inadequate emergency response system means that victims of road accidents often receive delayed or inadequate medical attention.

This leads to a higher fatality rate, as even survivable injuries can become fatal due to a lack of timely treatment. To tackle this crisis, the government and civil society organisations have introduced initiatives to enhance road safety.

These efforts encompass public awareness campaigns, stricter enforcement of traffic laws and increased investments in road infrastructure and public transportation. However, more actions are necessary to address the underlying causes of road accidents to ensure the safety and responsibility of all road users.

The narrative of road accidents in Ghana serves as a stark reminder of the need for collective efforts to prevent these preventable tragedies. By addressing these issues, we can strive towards creating a safer, more responsible and compassionate society for everyone.

Gloria Annam
Faculty of Journalism, UniMac-IJ.
E-mail: [email protected] 

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