Show interest in the craft  —Beverly tells wannabe actors
Beverly Afaglo Baah

Show interest in the craft —Beverly tells wannabe actors

GHANAIAN actress Beverly Afaglo Baah finds it mind-boggling that many young people aspiring to hit the silver screens show little or no interest in activities involving the industry.

This has often come to light at auditions when aspiring actors seem to know next to nothing about the Ghanaian movie sector.

The Agency actress expressed her disappointment in an interview with the Graphic Showbiz on Tuesday, April 11, “When you sit as a judge on an audition panel, you realise that most of these aspirants don’t even watch our movies, they don’t know the already established actors, they haven’t been to any premiere before, nothing.

“How then do you want to be an actor when you know nothing about the industry you want to join? And you just get up and you want to be an actor just because you want to be popular? If you really want to be like us, you should be able to attend our movie premieres, our stage plays etc. and even convince others to do same.

“They don’t know but sometimes, in the course of being part of such activities, you might even meet a director who will just like your looks and cast you in his or her movie so show more interest and be more involved in what we do. You don’t just go for an audition and want to become an actor just like that, if you don’t support the industry you are craving to be a part of, there will be no industry by the time you get in”, she said.

Touching on the current movie industry, Beverly said, “We thank God for the likes of Akwaaba Magic because if it weren’t for them, I am sure a lot of people would be out of work because producers are not making films as much as they used to.

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“They complain of financial constraints and all that but thanks to Akwaaba Magic, people are working. A few people are making films but half the time, those who are producing are actors themselves. And because they want to showcase themselves, they would rather use new faces for their productions.

“This makes it difficult for a lot of actors who have been around for a very long time to get jobs but that is the current situation, it is time for the new school”, she stated.

Beverly’s last movie was Woe to Men which was produced by Akwaaba Magic and was shown on the channel a few times. Prior to that, she featured in The Agency which was premiered in January this year.

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