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Not everybody will appreciate the good in you—Nadia Buari

BY: jive
Actress Nadia Buari

ACTRESS Nadia Buari has moaned why true love is hard to find in relationships, saying people often fail to “appreciate the good” in others.

The actress said in an Instagram post that people are used to judging others wrongly and arguing over issues rather than placing value on what they have to offer.

Nadia Buari urged for priority to be placed on collective efforts.

She wrote: “Not everybody will be able to appreciate the good in u. Some people are too used to arguing, drama, and dysfunction, to value the simplicity of a good thing.

“Relationships aren’t rocket science; it’s just too many people playing mind games, fronting about their feelings, and faking with their actions.

“Everybody asking for something real, but it’s not enough people bringing real to the table. And people wonder why LOVE is hard to find,” she wrote.