Lexis Bill: It’s all about image

BY: Forgive Adjoa Forfoe
Lexis Bill

It is said that home is where the heart is, and for Lexis Bill home is Fanonaa Street and precisely Joy FM.

A little over a year since stepping into the huge shoes of Bola Ray on Joy FM’s late afternoon programme, Drive Time on Joy, the suave presenter believes he has settled at the best station and is focused on developing his brand than to be concerned about fame, money and the trappings of a celebrity life.

His media career may have come as an accident but Lexis Bill (christened Kwame Sakyiamah) has made all the right moves on radio and has built a fine brand that made his transition to the popular Drive Time on Joy perhaps smoother than many had envisaged, and has courted a loyal following.

However, despite his strong entrepreneurial character -- he runs a fitness company in addition to other marketing and media business concerns -- making money is not his immediate focus.

“It’s not all about money. To me, it’s all about brand and a good platform. Branding defines the authenticity and trust any product upholds, so it’s of utmost importance to me and it should be for any business entity.

“ Personally, for my industry, it starts with outlook then delivery, that’s why I take my dressing and presentation seriously. I’m not moving from joy FM, no matter the juicy amount presented to me, because what I have here offers me a good platform and fits my brand. It gives me exactly what I need right now,’’ Lexis Bill told Showbiz in an interview.

He is just not ready to jump to the highest bidder, particularly at a time when loyalty is becoming a rare commodity among top radio presenters who are continuously being pursued by big money and poached by competitors. For him, Joy FM is the “perfect platform” to build his brand and allow him to live his dreams.

’Joy FM is the hallmark of excellence. It epitomises what we call real radio experience or professional radio. Everybody will attest to the fact that for over 20 years, the station has held its own and has carved a niche for itself as paving the way for many other radio stations.”

According to him, he had no plan of entering the media and he almost appeared destined for medicine, as was the wish of his father who wanted his son to become a medical practitioner.

But while in his first year at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, his love for poetry took him  to a campus radio station to request for a poem he heard them reading. His rich voice gave him away and the following day he was put on air.

It was the beginning of an inspiring journey from campus to the studios of Joy FM and GHOne where he anchors Men’s World show, as well as hosts other social and corporate events.

A business-minded personality, Lexis Bill runs a corporate fitness company, a gym, a media agency for corporate public relations and advertising, a production house and an event-planning company.

And holds the strong belief that radio stations must create an environment which allows talents to blossom and also be appreciated.

‘’I think radio station owners should reward and appreciate talent in every possible way. Owners should ensure that their talents have opportunities to upgrade and better themselves.

In the same light, presenters should seek further education and upgrade their knowledge. It’s the only way they can stay relevant in the business.’’ he said.