Giovani gets his bride and it was beautiful

Giovani Caleb and wife, Belinda all smiles on their big day

Of all the stages in life, the one that we have control over is marriage. We don’t determine how and who gives birth to us, we certainly can’t control puberty or adolescence, and most definitely won’t know when we are going to die (well, except if you put suicide in the equation), but we choose who we want to marry or the one who we want to marry us chooses us. Makes sense? 

Live FM’s Programmes Manager, Caleb Elolo Adjomah aka Giovani got to that stage in life where he had to choose his bride and it fell on a certain Belinda Boadu of London. We shall talk about this a bit more in due course, but it is just to say that we gathered at the Event Haven at the Trade Fair site last Saturday to witness this ceremony. And boy did it pap! 


Let’s first do some back story, shall we? Before he took up the role of Programmes Manager at Live FM earlier this year, or was it late last year?, Giovani had been working in a similar capacity at YFM. He had been with YFM since leaving the university and was posted to the station for his national service, having cut his radio teeth at the University of Ghana based Radio Univers.  

Well, during his response to the toast proposed by his best man Lexis Bill of Joy FM, Giovani told the gathering that he met his wife once when he was in the YFM studio working. This lady came in to the transparent studio and asked to buy airtime. Radio airtime, not the one you use to make calls. As they say, one thing led to another and it led to what we witnessed last Saturday. 

Because of his association with YFM, the wedding venue was buzzing with many of them including the shout out queen and shutdown king Caroline Sampson and DJ Mic Smith. There was also a big contingent from Live FM and the EIB Network including Jay Foley, Jeremie, DJ Vyrusky and CEO himself, Bola Ray. 

Hey, but talking about Jay Foley reminds me that I also just mentioned Lexis Bill a moment ago. Which got me thinking last Saturday if it was the first time the two had met at a ceremony since the Abraham Attah brouhaha. Sometimes I think about things like that. 

Anyway, coming back to YFM and Live FM, it got me thinking again why Giovani, despite his association with these two brands still can’t “slur” or “slang” to save his life. I mean he worked with Miss Naa and Jeremie for years and still you cannot speak with an American accent? Were you not listening when Jeremie was interviewing Trey Songz? 

That is why I like Sammy Forson. This man was speaking like the rest of us when he was at Citi FM. He only had to cross over to YFM for us to “feel” his true accent. But Giovani is stuck with his own. If his accent had changed, he probably would be the first person from Denu who did that. Probably. 

But Giovani and Belinda’s wedding wasn’t about who spoke with what accent. Oh no I didn’t say that. Well, Giovani may not speak with an accent but his wife does and so did the maid of honour and the bride’s maids. It is said that Kofi Annan once said those who think he speaks with an accent probably listen to him with an accent. Touché! 

But still when they spoke it felt like we had just moved to London, but it was nice twang to add to the Denu one Giovani possesses. I mean imagine that in all your adult life you have been called Kahleb then on your wedding day you hear your wife say Kayleb even when the minister said Kahleb too. That changes a few things, no? I’ll have you know that I have a nephew called Caleb and we call him Kahleb. 

But Giovani’s wedding was not about accents and twangs and stuff (I know, I have said that already, but never mind), it was about two young people who have found love and want to commit to each other and do so in a holy matrimony in the presence of friends, family and work colleagues. And so they did. 

There were well represented contingent from both families both for the wedding and the reception, and then there were the friends including members of Botweburg and everything it represents. You said what is Botweburg? Google it. Then your current and former work colleagues if you are Giovani and your friends from London and everywhere else that is not Ghana if you are Belinda. 

Bola Ray was chairman for the occasion who reminded us that he got married exactly 12 years to the day Giovani got married. What a coincidence! I remember that wedding like it was yesterday, but that is not what we are talking about. Bola took the occasion to invite Akwasi Agyeman, MD of Global Media Alliance and Giovani’s former boss to assist him. That was wonderful, wasn’t it? 

I think the MC for the occasion Matthew Ansah, who we got to know haboured Giovani in his room during their undergrad days, was good. I had seen him at another wedding a week earlier and so I expected something repetitive and boring. But he took it a notch higher and it was great. The pick and act part (which saw Edem on stage) he added was no brainer. 

DJ Vyrusky who was the house DJ for the occasion was impressive. When we sat at the Botweburg table and heard good songs coming from the DJ, we all turned to see who it was and we were not surprised it was DJ Vyrusky. Besides dropping good tunes, his cues were impressive and so were his choice of songs for specific happenings at the reception. Top draw! 

The food was good. A two-course meal prepared and delivered by Joyce Abrefi, the Mukase Chic herself, was mouth wateringly delicious. What I loved about it was the manner in which it was served. No long queues, but everyone got what would be enough for attending someone’s wedding reception. 

I could go on about this wedding and all the great happenings, but I don’t have the space and you probably don’t have the time so let me talk about how controlled it was. The Giovani and Belinda wedding had been spoken about on the radio and in blogosphere a lot during the preceding week, but the turnout was well controlled. There were no huge crowds milling to know what they were not invited to. 

The marriage ceremony itself was short, the sermon by the minister was straight to the point and the ambience was as gorgeous as you would want it to be. Everything about the reception was exceptional: the entrance by the bride and groom and their respective trains, the couple’s first dance and everything else I have told you earlier about. Classy! 

What I am still shocked about was why the pianist was playing Beauty and the Beast during the bridal march. I mean he was marrying a beautiful woman, but must Giovani order the pianist to play that song? That was one blot on an otherwise beautiful ceremony. I wish Mr. and Mrs. Adjomah a happy marriage!