Your strategic direction in Quarter (2) of 2023
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Your strategic direction in Quarter (2) of 2023

While Q1 set the pace for 2023, the second quarter (Q2) will be a critical time to review and adjust to keep the business on track. SMBs should use the second quarter of 2023 to project what they hope to achieve by midyear, especially considering what happened in the first quarter. 


The second quarter is a time for executives to assess progress and set goals for the coming months. 

To increase sales, improve operations, and grow your team, it's important that your company has a plan to accomplish a lot in the second quarter. 

Anticipating and preparing for the second quarter means preparing to begin or resume planned actions. 

Some entrepreneurs shared the following tips on strategies to get the second quarter of 2023 on track. 

Examine and adjust

Each quarter, business owners must plan to achieve targets that fit with their annual goals. 

It is critical to assess your year's goals quarterly. The assessments will help you recognize that your company's goals and objectives are variable and can shift somewhat or fall off the radar as the year advances. 

I suggest business owners to go over their quarterly goals, analyze which have been met or exceeded, and then refocus on those that have still to be addressed. 
Reviewing your outcomes will allow you to fine-tune your future strategy for assigning numbers, timeframes, and metrics to your goals. Sales growth, market share, new client acquisition, and lead creation are all important KPIs.

Be truthful and objective

According to the CEO of Next Step Barbershop, business owners must be honest and realistic about where they are, where they want to go, and how it corresponds with goals set at the beginning of the year. 

It is vital to examine what is and is not working and to make the required adjustments. 

Business owners must separate their emotional sentiments for losses as much as possible in order to remain objective toward their mission. 

In the long run, this approach creates a healthy and clear culture as you move together on the same page. 

Develop a business strategy

The CEO of Dzordzoe skincare emphasises the importance of business owners having a business strategy. Business owners must plan and prepare according to their abilities and competencies. 

They must have a precise goal in mind, as well as a plan to help the organization focus on reaching its objectives. 

The start of a new quarter is an excellent time to evaluate your previous quarter's performance and decide what worked and what did not, and then adjust your plan accordingly. 

The CEO went on to say that including your team members in the review process will allow you to develop an executable strategy and set your goals.

As a business owner, you must be concerned with more than just how your company is now operating; you must also be concerned with the future. Change is unavoidable, especially given the impending pandemic and the high cost of living/inflation. 

The better prepared you are to face any obstacles that come your way, the more you can anticipate the changing needs of your clients, staff, and the economy. 

If business owners fail to foresee and plan for change, their company will lag behind and face disruption from competitors devoted to strategic innovation. 

Whether you are preparing for positive changes (such as your company's spectacular development), bad changes (such as an economic downturn), or neutral changes (such as your customers' changing needs), being prepared is the key to ongoing success.


Evaluate the performance of your firm

Business owners must do an open and honest self-assessment of their current operations. Businesses must collaborate with their teams to determine what works and what does not. 

They must be willing to let go, update their business goals and metrics, and collaborate to establish a thriving firm.

The writer is a Lecturer/Business Coach University of Professional  Studies, Accra

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