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Florence Torson-Hart — President, US-Ghana Chamber of Commerce
Florence Torson-Hart — President, US-Ghana Chamber of Commerce

US-Ghana Business Expo: 50 Private, public sector players to explore new frontiers

About 50 Ghanaian businesses from both the private and public sector will participate in the 2nd US-Ghana Business Summit and Expo which opens, Tuesday, September 12, in Philadelphia, United States of America.

Also attending the high profile event will be individuals who are expected to explore major opportunities in the areas of manufacturing, construction, real estate and agriculture in their quest to either set up their own businesses or form joint ventures with their American counterparts.

An initiative of the US-Ghana Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia, the event is meant to among other things help to deepen discussion and relationship with critical institutions that facilitate international business development and cooperation.

Carefully modelled around the concepts such as the World Affairs Council, African Caribbean Business Council and World Trade Centre of Delaware, the annual event comes at a time when Ghanaian businesses and trade institutions are seeking credible collaborations and partnerships to scale up in the wake of the challenging economic environment in the country occasioned by the twin global events of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian/Ukraine war which have disturbed the foundations of many an economy including Ghana.

It is expected that with Ghana successfully closing a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to restore credibility, the summit and expo will create a unique platform for Ghanaian businesses and trade institutions to open new chapters with their American counterparts.

Line up

“We are ready with all the necessary preparations and the itinerary is set.

From the itinerary, you can tell we have a very robust agenda.

For example, we will be traveling to two states and holding deep business and stakeholder discussions with the numerous Chambers of Commerce and business institutions,” the President of the US-Ghana Chamber of Commerce, Florence Torson-Hart, told the Daily Graphic ahead of the opening.

“We also have the opportunity to visit the manufacturing plants of high companies which are leaders in manufacturing, construction and real estate.

This company built the replacement bridge for the Tappan Zee Bridge (the Largest Transportation Design-Build Project in the US) in New York City,” she added.

Mrs Torson-Hart said delegates would also visit Case New Holland Industrial that makes world class equipment and technology for agriculture and construction.

“ShopRite has also partnered to offer a pop up shop for Ghanaian products and retail opportunities thereafter.

The individual companies in Ghana have chosen to take advantage of this partnership,” Mrs Torson-Hart said.

She noted that as part of the event which is fast developing into one of the most sought-after for Ghanaian businesses and government agencies, there will be a meeting with the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce members to provide a unique opportunity for further business-to-business (B2B) and private business discussions.

There will also be company investment pitches which will include a meeting at the Millersville University; a tour of manufacturing companies; a visit to the Hershey Park; tabletop exhibition and a special meeting with the Governor.

On Thursday, September 14, there will be an all day exhibition in Philadelphia, while at the same time, individual and institutional meetings; B2B matching and B2G activities have been scheduled.

Others will be a meeting with World Trade Centre (WTC) of Delaware businesses, tabletop exhibition; company investment pitches; cultural day and the unveiling of Diasporan/Ghanaian Store at Shoprite.


As an added toast to the event, she said the chamber was planning to unveil the ShopRite /Ghana Market.

Again, Ms Torson-Hart said work was ongoing to finalise some of the business deals under consideration, increase the number of US companies on board, as well as offer Ghanaian companies' opportunities to scale businesses.

Another crucial aspect will be how to identify funding resources for companies, particularly those interested in growing but with specific interests in agriculture, real estate, trade, energy, logistics and Fintech. 


She said the event would also provide a platform for discussion, orientation and education of business opportunities in Ghana.

Ms Torson-Hart said the turnaround point after all, will be opportunities market expansion, ability to scale business, new lead generation and identify resources including technological solutions and funding.

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