Simon Madjie — Executive Secretary of the American  Chamber of Commerce, Ghana
Simon Madjie — Executive Secretary of the American Chamber of Commerce, Ghana

US-Ghana Business Expo 2023: Businesses asked to leverage opportunity to strike deals

The United States of America (USA) Under Secretary for International Trade at the U.S Department of Commerce, Marisa Lago, will lead a strong business delegation from that country to participate in the US-Ghana Business Expo 2023.


Scheduled for Thursday, August 10, at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra, on the theme "Leveraging U.S-Ghana Trade Relations to Promote Growth and Prosperity,” business are expected to leverage the opportunity to strike deals to help expand their operations.

The Executive Secretary of the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Ghana, Simon Madjie told the Daily Graphic ahead of the event this year’s event is expected to serve as a unique platform to offer Ghanaian businesses the opportunity to connect with a diverse delegation of U.S. companies.

According to him, with a diverse representation of industries, including cybersecurity, consumer goods, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and diaspora Chambers of Commerce, “this event opens a myriad of opportunities for both Ghanaian and American businesses to forge strategic partnerships.

It will also help to drive economic growth on both sides.

The participation of U.S. companies underscores their commitment to investing in the Ghanaian economy.”He added.

This commitment, Mr Madjie said brings a wealth of benefits that can significantly impact Ghana's economic landscape.


In the area of technology transfer and skill development be said American companies operating in Ghana bring advanced technologies and expertise, fostering knowledge transfer and skill development among the local workforce.

By way of job creation, he said investment from U.S. businesses has stimulated job creation across various sectors, reducing unemployment and improving livelihoods for Ghanaians.

“As businesses grow and expand, there is a natural spillover effect on infrastructure development, leading to improved transportation, logistics, and utility services.

Again, partnering with U.S. companies can open access to global markets, enabling Ghanaian businesses to export their products and services worldwide.” He said.

Regarding sustainable resource management, Mr Madjie said U.S. companies in sectors like oil and gas and mining often adhere to stringent environmental standards, promoting sustainable resource management and responsible business practices.

He said collaboration with American firms encouraged economic diversification in Ghana, fostering the growth of various industries and reducing dependency on specific sectors.

Also, with regards Foreign Direct Investment, the presence of established U.S. businesses attracts more foreign direct investment to Ghana, creating a favourable investment climate for other international companies.

Economic partnership

According to Mr Madjie, the U.S.-Ghana Business Expo 2023 is not just a one-time event; “it lays the foundation for long-lasting economic partnerships between the two nations.

By facilitating networking opportunities and encouraging collaboration across sectors, the Business Expo paves the way for sustainable growth and prosperity for both countries.” He said.

Mr Madjie said Ghanaian businesses have a unique chance to showcase their products and services, seek investment opportunities, and form valuable connections with reputable U.S. companies.

“These interactions can lead to mutually beneficial deals, contributing to Ghana's economic growth while enriching the U.S. business landscape with Ghanaian expertise and resources.” He said.

I’m excited about potential breakthroughs and partnerships that will shape the future of U.S.-Ghana trade relations.

Together, both nations are set to leverage their strengths and promote growth, prosperity, and economic development that will have a lasting impact for years to come.

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