Dr Ankrah to speak on Ghana’s economy on November 30

BY: Graphic Business
Dr Sam Ankrah
Dr Sam Ankrah

An economist, investment banker and global business strategist, Dr Sam Ankrah, will deliver an address on Ghana’s economy on Tuesday November 30, 2021, the Institute of Chartered Economist, Ghana has announced.

The address is expected to delve into critical economic areas including measures in stabilising the economy, revenue mobilisation and maximisation as well as growth.

The public address which will be held under the auspices of the institute is on the theme “Restoring Ghana’s macroeconomic stability and revitalisation: The word becoming flesh”.

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Focus on the speaker

Dr Ankrah is an investment banker, a global business strategist and development economist.

He has had more than 20 years successful experience in providing fiscal, strategic and operations leaderships in uniquely challenging situations.

He has repeatedly produced sustained revenue and EBITA growth in dynamic and changing markets.

Dr Ankrah has a proven track record in management, finance and economics, investment banking, factoring, and forfeiting oil and gas, private pension management, and international trade.

He acted as the local representative and investment advisor for various multinational corporations including SICPA Switzerland and TATA Energy.

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Social impact fund

Dr Ankrah co-founded the NAM Fund, a social impact fund for Africa, which is established to contribute and align its investments towards upward mobility across the African Landscape.

He is again a director and partner of the following Switzerland based investment firms, Kaitan Capital and Rampartners Switzerland.

He is also the Board Chairman of Ngoya Etix DC Ghana Limited now Onix DC, the first-tier IV data center in Sub Saharan Africa.