Treat people of Nungua fairly: Chief Priest of Numgua appeals to President

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

The Chief Priest of Nungua, Nii Borketey Larweh Tsuru, has appealed to President John Dramani Mahama to treat the people of Nungua fairly, especially with the appointment of the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Ledzekuku-Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA).

He said it was high time a native of Nungua was also given the opportunity to serve as the municipal chief executive for the area, adding that,  “I am not, by this appeal, usurping  the authority of the President of the Republic,  but making a passionate appeal.”

He said although he respected the President’s prerogative to hire and fire metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives, he (Wulome) believed that the concerns of the people of Nungua must also be considered and addressed to forestall the perception that there was a deliberate attempt to slight them.

Speaking through an interpreter, the spiritual head of the people of Nungua argued that those who have been advising the President on the appointment of the MCE to the area had failed to provide him with what was pertaining on the ground, hence his decision to put in a word for his people.

He said the argument that the current MCE for LEKMA was performing well was a lame one and asked, “performing against who? The people of Nungua must also be given the opportunity to be in charge and then a comparison can be made.”

He said his argument was hinged on a number of reasons, including historical facts, recent development and promises made by some leading members of the government.

According to him, because the people of Nungua felt cheated, they had started to express their disappointment.  

Nii Tsuru said before the creation of LEKMA, the Kpeshie sub-metro - which was under the Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s jurisdiction - was rotated among the people of Teshie, Labadi and Nungua but after the LEKMA was created in 2006, it was headed by somebody from Teshie.

He said the woes of the Nungua people started in 2009 when the late President Mills appointed another person from Teshie as the MCE. This led to some disaffection among the people of Nungua but they took consolation from the fact that with time, they would also have their turn.

“Currently, the positions of the Greater Accra Representative of the Council of State, Nii Adjei Annan; the Deputy Chairman of National Democratic Congress, Mr Danny Annan; and the Deputy Minister of Children and Social Protection, Mrs Sene Okiti Duah, are all occupied by people from Teshie,” he added.

Nii Tsuru expressed concern at the government’s constant  appointment of people from Teshie to the detriment of  the people of Nungua. This, he said, had given credence to the perception that some leading members in the party were bent on humiliating the people of Nungua as people who were not qualified for any position.

He said when the issue was raised during the 2012 elections campaign, the leadership of the NDC promised to rectify the anomaly when they were voted into power and promised to appoint a Nungua person as the chief executive for LEKMA.

Story: Donald Ato Dapatem