Speakers praise Nkrumah for achievements

BY: Timothy Gobah
A section of the participants
A section of the participants

At the Founders Day public rally to commemorate the birthday of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah at Winneba last Friday speakers eulogised Ghana’s first President for his immense contributions to the struggle to liberate Africa and the working class of the world.

They contended that Dr Nkrumah’s role in the struggle to liberate the world from imperialist forces must be emulated until there was total independence in every part of the world.

A member of the Socialist Forum of Ghana, Mr Kwesi Pratt, who led the charge, stated that: "Nkrumah is the greatest African of the century who fought to ensure that the independence of Ghana was linked to the total liberation of the African continent.”

The event was organised as part of the third Pan-African Conference. It attracted more than 500 people from 60 countries across the globe.


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Mr Pratt said the only honour that could be bestowed on Dr Nkrumah was to continue with the struggle to liberate the world from the claws of colonialism and imperialism.

"We have gathered here not only to celebrate Dr Nkrumah, but to avail ourselves of his life experiences and work to change the world and to agree on how that change should happen.

"We have met from more than 60 countries of the world to declare that Nkrumah never dies and to tell the imperialists that they have failed and that they will never succeed. Apartheid was defeated in South Africa, so shall it be defeated in the Middle East," Mr Pratt stressed.

He said Cuba had shown that a determined people could never be defeated, adding that no force could stop the people of Venezuela from determining their own course of development.

"We want to declare that the death of movement fighters who were assassinated will not be in vain," he said.

On development in Africa, he said the continent was still plagued with colonialism, citing what he described as the intransigence of Morocco backed by France against the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic as an example.

On privatisation as a defect by the Western World, Mr Pratt said, "In all our countries, we have been told to privatise our factories, schools and industries. If it is the solution to our problem, then let's sell the Jubilee House first.”

A South African activist, Mr Irvin Jim, said the continent and the working class must refuse to resign to the misery imposed by capitalism and not continue to suffer in poverty and squalor amid a sea of riches and wealth

He lamented how in the year 2018 the remnants and effects of colonialism were still pervasive on the continent.

He, therefore, called for the production of revolutionary cadres with the characteristics of Dr Nkrumah to continue with the Pan Africanist and working-class movement.

An activist from the Republic of Congo, Mr Ernest Wamba-di-Wamba, said the importance of the occasion was to reinvigorate the youth with lessons from the pioneers of the struggle.

The occasion was graced by traditional rulers from the area, Professor Francis Nkrumah and representatives from the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).