Show us 'payment plan' before we call off strike - NAGRAT

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong
NAGRAT President, Eric Angel Carbonou
NAGRAT President, Eric Angel Carbonou

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has indicated it will not call off the strike if government does not commit to a payment plan for all its members whose allowances are in arrears.

According to NAGRAT, the 2566 members whose arrears government has said is being settled this week represents a “minute fraction” of the about 65,000 whose allowances are in arrears.

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NAGRAT on Wednesday declared an indefinite strike over outstanding salary arrears due its members explaining it was carrying through an ultimatum issued mid-February to declare the strike should government fail to pay the arrears outstanding since 2013.

Government has however explained that the processes for settling the arrears have been initiated and that 2566 teachers would receive payment this week and has therefore said the NAGRAT strike was declared on bad faith.

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However, in a radio interview on Asempa FM Thursday, the President of NAGRAT, Mr Eric Angel Carbonou said until they see a payment plan for all 65,000, they will not call off the strike. 

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What they are paying by Friday April 6 is a "minute fraction" of the 65,000. "I am not saying that all the 65,000 should be paid tomorrow...if all are validated, how are we paying the 65,000, show me a payment plan and lets sign to the payment plan," Mr Carbonou said.

He said they have been told that 10,000 would be paid at the end of April.

He said government has used 88 days to do the validation and therefore, "tomorrow you say you are paying 2000, give me the payment schedule for the rest of the teachers and let's see the back of this problem as soon as possible," he said.

I'm not interested in politics - Angel Carbonou

Responding to concerns that NAGRAT declared the strike on bad faith and was engaging in politics, Mr Carbonou said he was not interested in politics.

"I don’t do party politics so I don’t think I have time for people who are emotionally jaundiced politically or emotionally tainted and see everything as politics."

“Me I am not interested in partisan politics. You will be surprised to know my views on partisan politics which I will not discuss because it will be a little bit unpleasant, so for those who think that party politics is the way to go and it’s the basis of their survival, they can live in their own malice, I don’t.

"During NDC time, during Kufuor's time, currently, my position has not changed. I was not soft on the NDC either," he added.

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