Put country first — CPP

BY: Samuel K. Obour

Samia Nkrumah, CPP ChairpersonThe Convention People’s Party (CPP) has said the nation needs honest politicians with a vision for rapid development.

According to the party, such people must prioritise delivery of basic needs, higher productivity and greater manufacturing capacity that will create jobs.

In line with this, the party has also called on Ghanaians to focus on the issues that matter most to Ghanaians: Education, health, employment and productivity.

In a press statement, it noted that political power had now become an end in itself and was achieved at the expense of patriotism and the welfare of the people. Also, corruption and negligence were demonstrated in the mismanagement of the nation’s resource revenue rather than wise investment in the development of  human and material resources.

“This is the time to begin a serious and constructive dialogue; inter-party and national, on our country’s development path,” the statement added.

According to the CPP statement, the Supreme Court’s verdict on the 2012 election petition should be accepted, whichever  way the ruling goes, since the current state of affairs did not arise in a vacuum.  It attributed it to a climate of indiscipline, and moral decay in our society that is exacerbated by political polarisation and an unbridled quest for power at all cost.

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From the CPP’s perspective, the statement indicated, after the verdict, the living conditions of the majority of Ghanaians will not change; their daily struggles will not be eliminated, nor will jobs be created.

“We urge our fellow Ghanaians not to agonise over a situation that does not directly affect their standard of living one way or another and not allow themselves to be used for the benefit of the political class,” it stated.

According to the statement,  the two parties involved in the case have governed Ghana with the same economic development policy for the past three decades with little change in the structure of our economy that would translate into better living conditions.

The CPP believed that it was time for Ghana to change course and adopt policies that would  lead to economic independence.

“We must guide and direct the public and private sector, our local entrepreneurs and industrialists to increase our productivity as a nation. We must review the economic policy of placing the markets at the centre of growth and development without taking into account our need to increase our manufacturing capacity and prioritise job creation,” the statement added.

For the CPP, national cohesion means that we seek consensus on solving the many problems of ordinary Ghanaians. We need to implement the politics of inclusiveness in policy issues rather than limiting ourselves to individuals from different parties in government.

“ We believe Ghana must now become a merits-based society where jobs are given according to skills and capabilities, rather than tolerate a clientele society that breeds waste of state resources and talents”.

In the CPP’s view, the Ghanaian voter would benefit from the Supreme Court’s verdict if it paved the way for electoral reforms that would increase the transparency and integrity of the nation’s electoral system and guide it in future elections.

The Government of Ghana, the CPP indicated, must urgently complete the national identification exercise so that it forms a database of all Ghanaian residents.

“This must be harmonised with other existing registers of citizens to ensure cost effectiveness; an integrated national database will ensure that every resident can access services from the Electoral Commission to health to police and so forth.”

Whatever the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision, we remain focused on our vision for justice and fair opportunities for all Ghanaians and continue to put our country first above all other considerations, partisan and personal, the statement concluded.