Job 600 deteriorating

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

Even before the newly refurbished edifice for use as offices for parliamentarians is handed over, the Job 600 is reported to be showing signs of decay.

Members of Parliament (MPs) have therefore questioned the quality of work done on the structure, which is expected to accommodate MPs.

The legislators have raised serious concerns about the quality of materials used and work done on the building.

There are resports of visible fittings including balustrades which have began decaying.

This was discovered by the Works and Housing Committee of Parliament on Wednesday, when members toured the premises to ascertain the extent of work done.

According to Accra radio station Joy FM, the site engineer, Bensti Enchill, attributed the poor state of the structure to its proximity to the sea.

Renovation works on the edifice popularly known as JOB 600 began in 2007.

The site engineer reportedly gave the edifice, a rating of “fair” when the Chair of the Parliamentary sub-committee on housing demanded his expert opinion on the state of the structure.

The engineer was however unable to give a set time for completion of work on the legislative office block.

The Contractor has since been asked to replace the deteriorating fittings with quality materials.

Parliament goes on recess Wednesday and members are expected to resume business in mid May.

source: Myjoyonline