Asiedu Nketia on why he accused Ofosu Ampofo on 2020 collation
Asiedu Nketia on why he accused Ofosu Ampofo on 2020 collation

Asiedu Nketia on why he accused Ofosu Ampofo on 2020 collation

Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has said this is not the first time he has publicly accused the party's chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo of not being able to lead the party to collate the election results in 2020.

Confirming that the audio in circulation where he is heard accusing Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, for the shoddy work in relation to the 2020 election petition was indeed his voice, Mr Asiedu Nketia said he was even surprised that the media has termed it as "leaked tape".


To him, he said it at an open forum and he has repeated at other forums.

Insisting that this is not the first time he has publicly made that claim in a television interview on UTV, Mr Asiedu Nketia said he even made an inference to it when he appeared in court as a witness for the petitioner at the Supreme Court.

He said when he told the court that the [petitioner] had come to the court with no results on pink sheets and wanted the Electoral Commission to produce the pink sheets, that was what he was referring to.

What is the audio

In the audio in circulation, Mr. Asiedu Nketia, said to be talking to NDC members at a meeting said the party had no collated election results when the party challenged the election results at the Supreme Court and that the NDC had no evidence to back their claims and if he hadn't denied it, he would have been disgraced.

Mr. Asiedu Nketia further stated that lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata who defended the party earlier refused to stand for the NDC because of the lack of concrete evidence but decided to defend the party after the petition was reviewed.

"When we were doing the collation, the system you (Chairman Ofosu Ampofo) brought saying it is robust and strong, when we collated five Regions; we are told it has crashed. This is the truth. So, when we decided to go to the court, we agreed to do manual collation. So, we gathered some people to collect the pink sheets and our Chairman sat on the Collation Committee that he will handle the collation. He went for some University people who did some shoddy work. When the time was up for me to stand in the dock, the results that they gave me if I use it to defend the case, I will be disgraced so we couldn't send those results to the court.

"They then said we should go to lawyer Tsikata. So we carried all the documents and presented them to lawyer Tsikata. These are things we shouldn't be saying publicly. When we gave them to him and in the next morning, after he had perused them, he replied us saying take back your documents. If these are the things you are sending to the court, go and look for your lawyer because I can't do this work. This is why when we went to court and they said where are my results, I replied that I didn't bring any results. I believe you heard that; I don't know how to lie. I am saying if I become the Chairman, all this nonsense will not happen", General Mosquito said in the audio.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Kokroko morning show on Friday, [December 16, 2022], Mr. Asiedu Nketia, said the voice was indeed his.

He said this was not the first time he has spoken about the issue, hence he was surprised people are calling it leaked tape.

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