Participants at the summit
Participants at the summit

Women in PR summit equips practitioners with knowledge on AI

The eight edition of Women in PR (WiPR) Ghana summit came to a close last Saturday, leaving participants with a wealth of insights on Artificial Intelligence (AI), PR and activism, the importance of authenticity, and the integration of ethical practices in the field of public relations.


Key speakers emphasised the fusion of technology with human creativity, necessity of sustainable and genuine communication, and the role of strategic thinking in effective PR.

The two-day event, which was on the theme: “Empowering Practitioners for an AI and ESG Future”, was held virtually on July 6 and in- person at the Ghana - India Kofi- Annan Center of Excellence in ICT, Accra on July 6, 2024. 

The President of Women in PR Ghana, Joyce Sackitey-Ahiadorme, said the theme of the summit was carefully selected to help professionals improve their craft in areas such as networking, storytelling, sustainability, reputation building, partnerships, and activism.
Speaking on Strategic Communication, Ensuring Sustainability and Greater Impact, the Chief Executive Officer of Stratcomm Africa and President, IPR Ghana, Esther Cobbah, noted that effective communication should address proactive and impactful environment social and governance (ESG) initiatives. 

She stressed that for communicators to practice strategic communication, “you need to understand the environment in which the communication is to be deployed.” 

Madam Cobbah further noted that relationship building is a key part of strategic thinking, emphasising the need for practitioners to foster robust relationships as a core component of their communication strategy. 

“Strategic thinking is about understanding what is going on around you. Staying informed and proactive is crucial for effective communication to anticipate and respond to changes effectively,” she added. 

Addressing the essence of AI for data visualisation and storytelling, Josephine Appiah-Nyamekye Sanny, Acting Director of Communication, Afrobarometer advocated for the effective use of bar graphs in comparing brand voices to competitors. 

She noted that for professionals to be effective with data visualisation, they will need to be artistic and skilled with data analysis.”

She further encouraged professionals to use AI-generated content as a foundation and infuse it with their unique voice and creativity. 

“AI helps to bring data to life, making complex information more accessible.  Leverage these tools to communicate insights more effectively, but with personal engagement to maintain authenticity in communications,” she said. 

The CEO and Founding Member of the Ghana Commodity Exchange, Tucci Goka Ivowi, noted that genuine practices are crucial for building long-term trust, hence stressing the need for practitioners to promote genuine and sustainable practices to foster credibility and trust.

She added that authenticity is important for sustainability and credibility, stressing on the need for practitioners to be themselves and embrace improvement.”

Remarking on ethical practices, the General Counsel for Fan Milk, Ghana, Benin, Togo and CiV, Sandra Adu-Gyamfi, said integrating ethical considerations into PR strategies aligns with the growing emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. 

She called on PR professionals to "push the compliance and ethical practices in their organisations by ensuring that ethical practices are at the core of their PR strategies to support ESG objectives.

A Lecturer and Communications Consultant, Dr. Paulina Kuranchie, in a presentation on public relations and activism, noted that the practice of public relations is the most potent way to foster public legitimacy for social change, stressing that professionals must lead their organisations in the rising digital corporate activism and take a stand which may be political, economic, social, technological, legal or environmental.

The Founder, Women in PR Ghana, Faith Senam Ocloo, encouraged participants to utilise the knowledge gained from the various speakers while looking forward to the 9th edition of the summit in 2025. 

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