Josephine Oppong-Yeboah 
Josephine Oppong-Yeboah 

Let's pay more attention to women's health - Josephine Oppong-Yeboah 

Ace broadcaster and women's health advocate, Josephine Oppong-Yeboah, has urged the government to pay more attention to women's health in Ghana.

She said women’s health remains a global public health concern, as the health and wealth of any society largely depend on the health and wealth of its women.

She observed that due to gender inequalities and other social factors, many women in the country are unable to access healthcare, a situation she noted, has led many to their early graves or deteriorated their health.

In an interview, Ms. Oppong-Yeboah, noted that the health of women is fundamental to socioeconomic development, pointing out that prioritising the health of women will to large extent help to better the lifespan of the general population. 

She recalled that women’s health was emphasized by the fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995, and added that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also pay special attention to women’s health.

For Ms. Oppong-Yeboah, who is also a gender advocate, gender inequality in accessing care have further been heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has worsened the existing inequalities and exposed the most vulnerable to the pandemic’s increasing effects, including increased sexual and gender-based violence. 

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She expressed the concern that women and girls’ health have traditionally been viewed as primarily concerned with reproductive health, adding that while services for women and girls are provided, gender equality is not a priority in the delivery of public health care. 

She was of the view that many available services and delivery methods do not adequately support women's access to health care, explaining that many health interventions do not take into account the realities of women’s and girls’ mobility, time, and material resources.

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