Gokals launches new lens
Ashish Gokaldas (2nd from right), Chief Executive Officer of Gokals Ani Limited, briefing Daily Graphic’s Emmanuel Bonney (right) on facilities at the new laboratory of the company

Gokals launches new lens

A digital lenses manufacturer, Gokals Ani Limited, has launched eyekon lens that provides for both the eye and lifestyle.

The thinner lenses are customised and made to suit the occupation of a person that needs a better vision for daily activities.

“They are tailor-made for a person’s daily activities, and so if they are reading more, we can make a lens that has a bigger reading section for you.

We can also make a lens that has a wider section for maybe a truck driver plying the road every day.

They need more distance vision,” a management member of Anii Limited, Ashish L. Gokaldas, told the Daily Graphic.

These, he said, were different from occupational lenses produced by the company to clients to suit some specific purposes.

He explained that the lenses were made by a software with artificial intelligence, as well as robotics, adding that there was very little human interaction, and, therefore, reducing the chances of error to less than one per cent.

Mr Gokaldas said the company could deliver its products promptly, and that in the case of special high indexed lenses, for example, it could deliver within 24 hours.

The manufacture, he said, could produce about 400 pairs of lenses a day.

He said the making of tailor-made eyekon lens was key, and that it was not available in every country as it took between two to three weeks to get it before fixing which came with the risk of damage and breakage.

He urged the public to demand for eyekon lens because it was thinner and offered the best clarity in vision,” he said.


A resident optician, who only gave his name as Amos, said eyekon lenses came in 12 different designs that could suit one’s occupation.

“Each design comes with its own comfort level.

We have a design called office.

If you are a programmer, you need more of an intermediate and then reading portion.

You don’t really need more of a distance.

“As a programmer, what you should go for is the office design.

It is meant for office usage,” he said.

He said people often did not tell opticians the work they did when going for glasses, and that it was important they did that so that they would be given the lenses that suited them and for better vision.

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