Nigeria High Commissioner to meet suspected kidnapper of Takoradi girls

BY: Mabel Faith Tannor
Gender and social Protection Minister, Cynthia Morrison
Gender and social Protection Minister, Cynthia Morrison

Gender and Social Protection Minister, Cynthia Morrison has met with the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana Monday, on how his outfit can help find the three girls alleged to have been kidnapped in the Sekondi/Takoradi metropolis.

According to the minister, the meeting with the High Commissioner was successful and that he has agreed to visit the suspect, Samuel Udoetuk Wills in order to get more information from him.

Madam Morrison said the expected meeting will help get more vital information from the suspect since he speaks the same dialect with the Commissioner.

“I believe that when he sees him, maybe he will be comfortable around him and there will be certain information that we can get, that is what I feel as a mother,” the minister said.

Speaking with Joy News, Madam Morrison said that the Commissioner has been very cooperative, and has sent his people to Takoradi to ascertain the situation.

She advised against treating all Nigerians as suspects.

“I keep saying it is a Nigerian that has done this and not all Nigerians are kidnappers. We should try and not lump all of them together, otherwise it can escalate elsewhere. There are also Ghanaians in Nigeria and other parts of the world, if one Ghanaian does something and they brand all Ghanaians as the same thing that the Ghanaian has done, it is not good for us", she said.

She added that the Commissioner expressed some concern about Ghanaians lumping all Nigerians together as kidnappers since they have lived in peace with Ghanaians before this case.