CEO calls for collaboration among local businesses

BY: Ebow Hanson
Mr. Kenney Teye Kwabena (right), CEO of Flokefama Company Limited addressing participants at the event. Picture: EBOW HANSON
Mr. Kenney Teye Kwabena (right), CEO of Flokefama Company Limited addressing participants at the event. Picture: EBOW HANSON

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Flokefama Company Limited, Mr. Kenney Teye Kwabena, has called on the government to support stakeholders in the medical field to transform the work of medical laboratories.

He said there was enough local capacity to build world class laboratories that could advance health care and provide reliable services if the right environment was created.

Speaking to journalists in Accra, he said, his company which delivered hospital solutions to the healthcare industry in Ghana with over 16 years experience in the field could partner with others if the right conditions were laid by the government.

Mr. Kwabena said that he was inspired to set up the company after he had an encounter in a certain hospital, which was without decent laboratory equipment.

"After this debacle, I promised myself that I will work tirelessly to make quality laboratory equipment from internationally acclaimed brands accessible to all health facilities in Ghana," he said.


The company, he added, collaborated with MINDRAY, a global brand to "ensure that the facilities which use our MINDRAY range of ivd products has the best equipment, best training of laboratory staff, precision and quality control so that results are world class".

The collaboration, Mr. Kwabena said, would offer laboratory staff and personnel, hospital management 24 hour service, placement of equipment, upgrade of existing equipment, free seminars in all parts of the country and training services by world class professionals.

“There will also be access to free training and platforms for training staff, swapping of old equipment for new ones, discount pricing on reagents and spare parts and traveling opportunities for staff of such hospitals”, Mr. Kwabena explained.


"We are ready for take off. Taking off to a much improved and world class laboratory environment in our hospitals and churning out results we can trust and attest to," he said.

He also said there would be quarterly training workshops tailor made for specific personnel, especially laboratory personnel and senior management to train them further in quality control and precision with range of ivd products.

He then expressed the commitment of Flokefama to building a better working environment with world class equipment in the healthcare  industry in Ghana.