Abutia Agove chief ‘fights’ teenage pregnancy

BY: Mary Anane-Amponsah
 Some maidens and queenmothers at the festival
Some maidens and queenmothers at the festival

Finding ways to curb teenage pregnancy has been a problem not for only law makers in the country but also traditional rulers whose areas record a high number of teenage pregnancies.

In recent times, the Volta Region has been saddled with high cases of the problem, leading to educational campaigns by some queen mothers, district chief executives, among others, to change the trend in the region with the second highest prevalence in the country.

The latest to express worry over the trend in his locality is the Senior Divisional Chief of Abutia Agove, Togbe Aza Dra VII.

Last Saturday, during the Abutia Agove Yam Festival, Togbe Agove seriously cautioned teenagers in his jurisdiction to stay away from sex until they attained the age of 25 or got married.

Declaring war on teenage pregnancy, the chief stated that any teenager who got pregnant would be neglected by the community and made to suffer the consequences of having early sex.

“Normally when the teenagers get pregnant, they get support from the community to take care of their children and this, I think, is encouraging a lot of children to become mothers.

“Every child in this community must be focused on her education because that is what will give you a better future.

If you get pregnant before age 25, then you will have to bear all the responsibilities.