Standing extreme left Punit Arorah, country head iSON experiences Ghana. Second from left Pastor Valentin, Director REMAR Ghana. In the middle Anoushka De and Mr. Isaac with Youth from REMAR Ghana
Standing extreme left Punit Arorah, country head iSON experiences Ghana. Second from left Pastor Valentin, Director REMAR Ghana. In the middle Anoushka De and Mr. Isaac with Youth from REMAR Ghana

REMAR Empowering Youth

Anoushka De, a senior from Lincoln Community School, Accra, has left an indelible mark on her community through her project REY.


Her story is one that embodies the spirit of generosity, passion for impact, and a determination to bridge the gap in her community. 

REMAR as an organization was born out of ingenuity of ex-marginalized individuals in Spain, and has grown to be an international force for good, under the leadership of Juan Miguel Diez Alvarez, in almost 70 countries.

After Anoushka met Pastor Valentin, the Director of REMAR Ghana, an organisation dedicated to rehabilitating orphaned children, single parent children, and street children who are in the vicious grip of drug abuse, she initiated and established project REY.

She was inspired to contribute positively to the lives of these children and her project REY and has now become a Ray of Hope for them.

Her research had revealed that a significant number of these youth fall into the trap of drug abuse due to factors such as high unemployment rates for untrained individuals, economic challenges, and peer pressure.

She envisioned providing these youths in the age group of 15 to 19 years, with basic computer training recognizing its crucial role in pursuing future careers. 

While mentoring, she observed that the people she was teaching lacked the resources needed to apply her teachings effectively.

Her passion for impact compelled her to go above and beyond. She initiated a Community Laptop drive, and these laptops were then donated to Remar.

She understood that bridging the digital divide required not only knowledge but also access to the necessary tools. This gesture had a profound impact on the lives of the youth she touched. It opened the doors of opportunity and empowerment for those who had previously been held back by their lack of resources.

As the project gained momentum, she expanded its scope by collaborating with iSON Experiences Ghana limited, a world leader in Business process outsourcing. This partnership allowed her to provide both Software and Hardware training to the children. Anoushka is very proud that after an extensive training program of more than a year, 3 of her mentees have already been selected in iSON experiences Ghana’s Customer care and IT department.

Punit Arorah – Country Head iSON Experiences Ghana said: “What Anoushka has started is truly remarkable, while mentoring she has shown her boundless compassion and her ability to recognize the needs of others. iSON Experiences is proud to be a part of this amazing journey”.

Pastor Valentin – Director Remar Ghana said: “I had never imagined that in such a short duration, my Boys will find meaningful jobs. I am thankful to Anoushka and iSON experiences for this collaboration with us”.

Anoushka De's story is nothing short of extraordinary. Her project at REMAR Ghana has showcased her determination to make a difference. She bridged a gap in her community, providing not only technical knowledge but also the means to apply it effectively. Her actions reflect the potential that lies within every individual to create positive change.

Having grown up in Ghana since age 5, our sense of communality and generosity hasn’t been lost on her. Her decision to uplift others resulted in not just mentoring these students but also building a curriculum that can be scaled and replicated across different centres. We are certain that as the rest of her mentees reach the age of 18, there will be similar jobs that await them.

Her journey reminds us all, that one person’s kindness can change lives, and that, indeed, the path to a brighter future is illuminated by both knowledge and compassion. Our youth are definitely our future.

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