Perfect SHS, German school in exchange programme

BY: Joshua Bediako Koomson

A team of students and tutors from the St.Hidegardins Gynasium School in Germany has ended a three-week visit to the country, during which the members had practical lessons and interactive sessions with the Perfect Senior High School in Accra, as part of an exchange programme between the two institutions.

The practicals exposed the Ghanaian students to skills on how to make chocolate, man-power washing machine (which operates as a bicycle), how to write a CV, dress making, T shirt design, among others.

At a short durbar organised at the premises of the Perfect SHS on Friday, the Director of the school, Mr Joseph Kwame Danso, commended the German school for choosing their school as their destination when they came into the country.


He said the three-week programme, which saw the visit of seven students and three tutors from Germany to the country in early February this year, had made a positive impact on the Ghanaian students through the exchange of knowledge, indicating that most of the students had learnt the practical way of implementing some of the theories they had learnt in the classroom.

Mr Danso reiterated that the programme had been very useful, and expressed optimism that the visit by the German students to the school would be regular


A tutor from the St Hidegardis Gynasuim, Mrs Ursula Leiters, also expressed her appreciation to the school for the warm welcome accorded them, saying “no one is an island on his own, we all need somebody, even though we came to impart knowledge to the students of the school, we have also learnt a whole lot, we have learnt about how the African family system operates, the African culture and much more, in fact I wouldn’t have known all these if I hadn’t come” she stated.

Out of the total number of students from the Perfect SHS who participated in the programme with the German students, 40 were selected as the overall best and were given awards, which included certificates, exercise books and other learning materials.