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Thu, Sep

Ameer laments breakdown in discipline in schools

Alhaji Maulvi Noor-Mohammed Bin Salih addressing the annual conference

The Ameer of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Alhaji Maulvi Noor-Mohammed Bin Salih, has blamed the fallen standards of education on the breakdown in morality and discipline in schools.

To address that, he called for the reintroduction of religious and moral  education in the educational curriculum to instil discipline and moral values in the students and to prepare them for the future.

At the opening ceremony of the 11th annual Conference of Heads and Managers of Ahmadiyya Muslims Educational Institutions of Ghana (CHAMAEIG) in Kumasi, Maulvi Bin Salih said: “Any system bereft of religion and morality is bound to crumble and fall.”

He stated that the focus of faith-based organisations (FBOs) was to instil moral values and discipline in the students, pointing out that the FBOs were not there to rival the government in the provision of education but to support it and also play its part in the social development of the people.

Admittedly, he said, the government alone would not be able to provide quality education for the people and would need the assistance of the FBOs in that endeavour.

Need for partnership

He bemoaned what he described as ‘the acrimony between’ the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the FBOs, and called for a partnership between them to seek the welfare of society, adding that, the collapse of the moral fibre of society in recent times, must be a concern to all as it posed a threat to the future and development of the country.

The Ameer minced no words when he said the mission would not allow non-Ahmadiyya Muslims to head any of their secondary schools.

That, he said, would not be allowed and stressed that anyone who was sent to head any of their educational institutions would have to abide by the rules of the mission, else that person would not stay.


He also urged the managers and heads of Ahmadiyya educational institutions to uphold the integrity and belief of the mission and ensure that they imparted the needed knowledge to the people for them to become good citizens.