Travel the world during corona

BY: Kofi Akpabli
Luxuriously empty Guggenheim in Spain

The whole world may be temporarily grounded but we can still tour this vast beautiful world from virtually anywhere thanks to the internet.

Virtual tours can take you anywhere and you can witness eye-popping natural phenomena, explore mountain tops and deep caverns, and tour cities you've always dreamed of visiting.

And you can do all of this from the veranda. Here are our favourite virtual travel experiences right now.

Let’s start from the US. The beloved National Cherry Blossom Festival has been cancelled for obvious reasons.

But the show goes on and since  April 12, you can take a virtual tour of the blossoms with a park ranger as your guide, watch videos of what the artists booked for the festival had intended to perform live, and, calm your nerves via a 24/7 cherry blossom cam. Without buying an air ticket we continue from the US northwards to the upper reaches of Manitoba.  

It's a prime viewing spot for the Northern Lights. And thanks to the folks at Polar Bears International and Explore.org, you can stream the spectacular natural fireworks show without trudging through the snow.

In addition to blissing out to the ions dancing around your screen, you can finally learn exactly how they work, too.

Still in the Americas, you download Chile 360, a free app that will help you to virtually explore wonders from the Torres del Paine to the Atacama Desert to Easter Island.

The National Historic Museum of Chile is offering virtual tours, too. And, you can enjoy the European Southern Observatory’s virtual tour of the famed astronomical observatory in Santiago.
If you happen to have a VR headset, there’s a whole other world of experience open to you including soothing views of the brightly coloured galaxy above.