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 Women are still asking if it’s okay to answer the door braless
Women are still asking if it’s okay to answer the door braless

Women are still asking if it’s okay to answer the door braless

A conversation began two years ago on Netmums about whether women should open the door to strangers without wearing a bra.

The conversation has still not died down as people have weighed in over the years about whether it’s inappropriate or just convenience to let servicemen in without covering up one’s nipples.

 The discussion began when one woman posted on the forum detailing how the women whose houses her husband, a tradesman, enters are often braless.

‘Are they just showing off or am I reading into it too much?’ she asked the readers.

‘I asked [husband] a few questions about it and he said it’s about half of them that don’t have one on,’ she wrote.

 ‘Like, they are still wearing what they wore to bed.

 Such as quite thin tops. Not see-through but very thin comfy tops which make everything very noticeable like nipples ‘Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we need to wear bras if we don’t want to but I know a lot more than half of us do so if they know he’s coming around, why would they still be braless?’

Worryingly a lot of the answers were slut-shaming in nature and labelled braless women as ‘tarts’ or ‘looking for attention’, but most people jumped in defence of women who choose to forgo a bra so early in the morning, and in their own homes.

 ‘No way on God’s green earth am I dragging my boobs into the straitjacket they call a bra at 7am. You can call it “tarty” if you like.

 I call it MY house,’ wrote one user, Rachel J. In a similar vein, SLP wrote: ‘I think you/your husband think a bit too highly of him if you think women are doing on purpose, I’m going to hazard a guess, it’s 7am, they’re knackered and not expecting someone they have hired out to be over-evaluating their chest in their own home’.

One woman whose partner is also a labourer revealed that her husband’s married male colleagues catcalled women who were fully dressed, so it really doesn’t matter what women are wearing.

 ‘Men just seem to find it easy to sexualise everything about a woman.

 Tell him to avert his gaze next time and be professional,’ added Jessica O.

Some turned the conversation on its head and questioned why one should get dressed up for a tradesman and make themselves look presentable.

 The original poster also failed to realise that tradesman tend to leave a large window of time for their appointments. Who wants to wear a bra longer than they need to, especially at home?

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