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Are you a good wife?

Are you a good wife?

Recently, Edmond Allcook, the oldest man in Canada, on celebrating his 108th birthday in his home town in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan on January 26, 2018 said the trick of a man to a long life is to pick a good wife.

All cook confessed that even though he didn’t behave himself ‘for some years’ it is the choice of a good wife that has made him live long, happy and healthy.


This assertion has aroused the interest of men looking for wives and married women making introspection to find if they are good wives.

Some qualities of a good wife

She submits to her man. She yields obedience to her man who is the ordained leader of her home irrespective of his age and social status. It is the most important emotional need of a man because it motivates him to be the stronger partner, provider and protector.

She does not belittle, humiliate, nag or compete with him.

She gives him space. Every individual needs time to nurture his or her uniqueness. Your man needs time with relatives and friends to develop his masculinity.

A good woman does not stop her man from having separate lives occasionally but accepts his hobbies, friends and extended family.

Giving your man space will make him love you more.

She trusts her man. She respects her man’s privacy and does not search mobile phones or his pocket for clues.

She allows him to make final decisions and shows she is dependent on him. If she sees any difficulties she finds a respectful way to let her views known.

A man thrives on his role as head and allowing your man to make the final decision boosts his ego as a man.

She looks up to her man and appreciates everything the man does for her.

She never boasts about her competency and independence.

Instead each time she shows in many ways that her man is a wonderful person and she loves him unconditionally.

She makes time for her man. She puts her man above everything and finds time to spend quality time with him.

She shows interest in everything her man does.

She is always his cheerleader and supports him at all times especially in times of difficulties.

She is her man’s best friend. This is important because a good marriage is where the couple is each other’s best friend.

She is attractive and well groomed. A man is visually driven. Looking good therefore motives your man to be attracted to you.

If you look good your man feels good. Therefore, you have to take good care of yourself – dressing, hair, and weight so that she can easily turn your man on.

She takes care of the home. She keeps her home clean and organized. Her home is therefore a peaceful sanctuary for her man.

Again, she is a good cook because she knows a good way to a man’s heart is her cooking.


She knows her man’s favourite food and would usually surprise him with a variety of cooking the same meal as she keeps reading and asking for advice.

She makes her man happy in bed. Every good marriage requires sexual intimacy. Regular sex is critical to a man’s sense of feeling loved and desired by his wife. It defines closeness with his wife, his confidence and wellbeing which spill over to everything he does.

A man therefore loves a woman who shows interest in sex. A good wife always welcomes her man in bed and also initiates sex often. Making your man happy in bed will make him want to keep you happy.

She leads a godly life. Her exemplary character has profound positive impact on her man.


She makes every effort to be a sacrificial lover, warm, kind, pleasing, friendly, reliable and trustworthy.

She is a virtuous woman (Pr. 31; 10-31).

Are you a good wife?

Your man is the only one who can tell if you are a good wife or not because being a good wife is about meeting the needs of your man to make him a better person because behind every successful man is a good wife.

Each time find time to let your man tell you what to do to be a good wife and resolve to be a better wife.


The good news is that it is not hard to be a good wife because research shows most of the qualities a woman needs to be a good wife are within her and few have to be learnt or developed.

Knowing what your man sees as a good wife and your positive mental attitude to be a good wife are the two most important determinants to be what your man sees as a good wife.

A good wife who can find? (pr. 31;10) Let your man feel like a lucky winner because he finds you a good wife.

If your man finds you a good wife, you put him on a pedestal to give you all his love because you turn him into a good husband.

A good wife therefore makes a good husband and a good marriage.



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