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10 Ways to fall in love with your partner all over again

10 Ways to fall in love with your partner all over again

Even if you and your SO are still very much in love, there are always ways to make that flame burn even stronger. Certain things just remind you of how you felt about him or her when you first met, like revisiting your early date spots and looking through old photos together.


It's healthy to bring out those feelings again even before you feel like that honeymoon phase is long gone. Continuously finding new ways to love each other will help make your relationship last. So whether you want to bring back the spark or fall even deeper, check out these 10 ways to fall in love all over again.

Travel together

Couples feel a "travel afterglow" up to a month after their trip. Sharing new experiences and being in a different setting causes them to feel closer and even continues long after they return home. Plan a vacation together or even just a local weekend getaway.

Find a hobby to do together

Try a variety of activities like cooking, running, or anything else you two are mutually interested in. You never know what you'll end up discovering to be your new thing.

Try something fun and new

Don't be afraid to shake up your routine and go for something completely different. You can still have your regular date spots but make sure you sprinkle in some exciting activities in between. It'll be fun to experience new things together and they'll make for great memories to look back on.


When was the last time you both just talked for hours like you used to? Grab some wine and discuss anything and everything that comes to mind. It'll feel like old times and you'll remember how good it was to be able to talk to your partner about things other than your day.

Do what you used to love doing together

Did you have weekly movie dates at the theater or have a spot in the city where you'd people watch? If you miss those days, bring them back! Some of those early feelings will resurface and it'll be fun to reminisce.

Have spontaneous sex

Don't get lazy about intimacy. Be sure to continue showing each other how crazy you are about one another and don't let making out be a thing of the past. Be a little late to the party for a hot session in the car or pull your SO towards you for a long kiss. Even little signs of affection can go a long way when they're unexpected.

Go on nice dates every now and then

Skip your go-to spot for the night and go somewhere that requires getting ready for. After a while, you forget how good your partner cleans up so remind each other of the days you'd dress to impress. It might even bring back some of those first-date butterflies.

Plan surprises for each other

They don't have to be extravagant gestures. Pack a bag of food and games for a relaxing afternoon in the park or fill up the living room with lit candles. Your partner will love it, whatever it is, because it shows thought.

Check out what your partner's into

Next time your partner leaves to play basketball or do yoga, tag along. It's attractive to see them in their element and it'll be nice to learn what gets them excited. They'll also appreciate the fact that you cared enough to come, even if it's something you're not personally interested in.

Make future plans together

Create a list of dream vacations you want to take or make a Pinterest board together of projects you want to take on. It gives you both something to look forward to and work towards together, and it'll get you two excited about the future.




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