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10 Lies you should always tell your partner
10 Lies you should always tell your partner

10 Lies you should always tell your partner

Is honesty really always the best policy when it comes to your relationship? It turns out, telling the truth all the time isn't all it's cracked up to be—specially when it comes to keeping the peace with your spouse.

Here are the 10 most important lies you should tell your significant other if you really want to keep the love alive.


* "Your cooking is delicious": Cooking is both a skill and an art form. When your partner spends time in the kitchen preparing a meal just for you to enjoy, it's perfectly OK (in fact, it's expected) that you'll not only say "Thank you" but also "Yummy."

Unless you're the one standing at the stove, keep the culinary criticism to yourself.

* "You're the most beautiful person in the world": While attraction is often what brings two people together, over time, especially in long-term relationships, we forget to see the physical beauty in our partner.

Whether they're dressed to the nines or on day three of not showering, it's important to affirm to our loved ones that they're the only person we have eyes for.

* "You're the best lover I've ever had": No, we're definitely not telling couples to lie about sexual satisfaction, but we are saying it's OK to praise their partner's bedroom prowess.

Telling your lover they're the best you've ever had boosts their confidence and will inspire them to keep reaching for the sky in your intimacy.

* "I love this gift!": We've all been on the receiving end of a really bad gift that makes us wonder if our partner actually knows us, right? While truly terrible presents can leave us scratching our heads, it's perfectly OK to say "Thank you" and "I love it."

Why lie? Because sometimes people are just bad at giving gifts and we should honour the thought, not the outcome. (And next time, drop better hints.)

* "I didn't watch the next episode yet”: If you can get away with pretending you didn't watch the next episode of Game of Thrones (or whatever your favourite show to watch with your spouse is), then do it.

Not only will admitting that you TV-cheated hurt your partner's feelings, but it can lead to some serious remote-control distrust.

* I'm excited to see your family too!": When your partner tells you their family is coming to town for a visit, just follow their lead. If they seem happy, you should be too—even if you're really cringing inside.

Whether your mother-in-law rubs you seven shades of wrong or your brother-in-law refuses to clean up after himself, supporting your partner by being receptive to their family goes a long way towards keeping the peace.

* "You're right": You're listening to your partner vent about their bad day at school or work and you know they're in the wrong. What do you do? If it's actually not a big deal, let it go and agree with them.

Sometimes, our spouses just need our unconditional support and understanding, even when you know their take on a situation is off. Of course, if they're headed for serious trouble (or crossing one of your personal boundaries), speak your piece.

* "You don't look fat": Does this even need an explanation? For starters, body policing is never OK, so don't even talk about their weight unless they ask.
If their weight gain is serious or causing a medical concern, it's OK to broach the subject with love and concern, just not judgment or scorn.

* "You're not annoying": Maybe your partner likes to be playful when you'd rather chill. Maybe they want to cuddle when you want to play video games. While it's always important to respect each other's personal boundaries, if you're giving the "I'm annoyed by you" vibe, it's definitely going to sting.

So, if your partner asks if they're annoying you (and it's not crossing any lines), lie. Give them the same love and compassion you would want if the scenario was reversed.

* "You're so funny": Nothing feels better than making the person you love laugh, but sometimes, our partners aren't all that funny. As long as they're not being crass or offensive, go ahead and laugh. Play along and give them the joy of knowing they made you happy.

Besides, it won't kill you to exercise your funny bone once in awhile.


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