Police search grandpa for children in custody battle

BY: Emmanuel Adu-Gyamerah, SUNYANI

RESIDENTS of Ridge, a suburb in Sunyani, on Thursday, August 25, 2022, woke up to witness an operation by armed policemen who had surrounded the house of a businessman in search of two children aged four and 18 months.

The businessman, Mr Sam Bennet, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Eusbett Hotel in Sunyani, is the maternal grandfather of the two children.

The children are at the centre of a tussle over which of their parents is entitled to their custody after separation.

The couple, Ms Ernestina Angela Owusuaa Bennet and Mr Eric Asante who lived in the United Kingdom (UK) are now separated after some marital misunderstanding.
When Miss Bennet relocated to Ghana, she brought the two children with her, and their custody has since become a tussle between the couple.

The matter is currently before a Sunyani High Court, but Mr Asante is said to have also sent the matter to a court in the United Kingdom which granted him the custody of the children.
To execute the order, Mr Asante has filed a motion at the Tema High Court while lawyers of Miss Bennet have also filed a stay of execution against the order which is expected to be heard on Friday, September 23, 2022.

However, Mr Bennet told The Mirror that a bailiff from the Kumasi High Court had since been coming to his house with armed policemen in search of the two children without a warrant from the court.

He said on Thursday, August 25, 2022, the bailiff who was accompanied by about 40 policemen was at his residence and even though he had no warrant, “I allowed him to search my house because of the sheer number of policemen who accompanied him”.

“Not satisfied with the result of their search in my house, they also searched my hotel, Eusbett Hotel which is adjacent to my house”, Mr Bennet stated.

According to him, the bailiff, whom he identified as Jude Owusu, had come to his residence four times in a bid to search for the two children.
“Today, they were here at about 4.30 a.m. during which they surrounded my house and blocked all access roads until 11 a.m,” he explained.

“I feel traumatised and insecure and call on both parties in this matter to allow the rule of law to take its course in this matter,” he stated.

He called on the police to follow due process in the matter adding that since the matter was before a court of competent jurisdiction, they should stop the harassment and allow the court to come out with its ruling before embarking on any venture.