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There is the need to go out for a meal to spice up the relationship
There is the need to go out for a meal to spice up the relationship

You might be killing your partner slowly

It is a fact that people live their lives around their spouses. They live together in the same house, they join the same car to work every morning,  go to the same church and also attend other social functions together. Husbands eat the food cooked by their wives and vice versa.


This is actually a mark of a good relationship or marriage. Some wives have to grow big in order to please their husbands both in sight and in bed. 

All these activities do not only make their lives dependent on each other but also goes a long way to determine each other’s health and wellness status some years into their relationship.

 What you put into this loving relationship right from the beginning determines the future to a large extent. Weak foundations will definitely lead to a weak and unhealthy relationship. Thus one or all of the partners might fall sick later into the relationship.

When relationships start

Relationships between men and women thrive on acts that may please each party. There is the need to exchange gifts from time to time, go out for a meal from time to time in order to spice up the relationship. 

Some present gifts to their partners anytime they meet. In most cases, these gifts are drinks, ice creams, pizzas, chips, chocolates and the like. Some also take their spouses out for meals at restaurants and eateries in the night. 

The bone of contention here is that the kind of foods and drinks chosen for these celebrations are bad food. It will not really have been a big deal if the outing was done only once in a while. It becomes a problem if these foods are eaten on a daily basis. 

You may think you are giving your partner the best of life but mind you, each of those acts of niceness only adds to problems that shorten life. 

In your quest to make your loved one happy, you are rather helping to shorten their life span on earth. 

The next time you buy that special ice cream for your partner, just pause and ask yourself this question; will you still love them if they developed stroke? 

I believe you will not want the one you love to get into any serious problem with their health. So just be careful.

To be Continued

•  The writer is a dietician at Trust Hospital and author of “Diet, Health & Wellness Book" and. “Answers for your diet”. 

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