Right portions matter

BY: Wise Chukwudi Letsa

Sometimes I’m scared when I see the portions of food consumed by some people. It is usually a full bowl of fufu or banku with extra balls kept under the table.

Rice is heaped on plates like mountains; usually referred to by many as a stock pile. People can really eat a lot of food especially in the local Ghanaian setting where men are served so much food because they are men. Those whose occupations involve some manual work are also major culprits when it comes to eating large amounts of food.

It has been established how eating too much food can be bad for health. Even if the food being eaten is healthy or good; taking in too much of it can be bad, very bad.

Many people desire to eat the right portions but how to get the right portion measured or composed remains unknown to them. There are so many plates and food portion models that can guide such people to do the right thing. There are also hand gestures that can remind people about food portions.

A lot of the people who have been able to lose weight, reduce pot belly and manage their health well will tell you that reducing their food portions played a major part in their wellness journey.

When you consult a dietician, you get to be advised on meal portions. I advise everyone reading this article and who is interested in eating well to see one of us as soon as possible. Once you have the right portions, it is time to eat as advised. From what I have seen, those who go by their prescribed portions do well and return to the clinic with excellent results.

On your own, do not fill the whole asanka with the fufu, then put the soup and meat or fish on top of the fufu. Create space in the bowl by reducing the size of the fufu so that the soup will touch the base of the bowl as well. This also gives the chance for your meat or fish to also touch the base of the bowl. In doing so, you end up with smaller portions of all the components of that meal. This is what is good for you.

If it is rice, put it on just a part of your plate. Like one of the quadrants of your plate so that the stew, meat, fish or egg will also sit on the plate. No more stock piling or eating so much of the rice. This will help cut down on your calorie intake. You can fill the plate with lots of the stew and salads; these ones will help you get satisfied.

In case you use a small bowl or plate, you may not be able to follow the tips given above. This you should not be worried about at all. The smaller bowl or plate offers you no room to put in so much food. Thus you will not over-eat. A full small plate will make your meal look like a big one. That is a good psychological effect.

Dare to be different, ensure your plates and bowls of food have the right portions and enjoy excellent health always.

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