Get your wardrobe super stylish in 6 easy steps

BY: Arku Jasmine

Every now and then we come across people whose style we love. From Eku Edewor to DJ Caise, we can’t help but gush at how well put together and stylish they always look. However, even though these people always come out looking so good, we must remember they might have a little elf a.k.a a stylist who works hard pulling their looks together. A luxury not everyone can afford.
So how do the normal people get to look so stylish even without the help of a stylist? Intuition, the passion for fashion and style and learning and understanding these simple rules. Today on BN Style we are going to be dishing out a couple of tips we believe can help you be well on your way to having a stylish wardrobe. So sit back, grab a pen and start planning your future glam closet.


Nothing works out without doing your background work first. Get those magazines you drool over, open the BN Style page, and tune in to E! Television. Check for the designs you have always wished you’d had and save them up. A lot of times, when we see an item we love we get turned down by the prices. This is not one of those times. Ignore the price tag for now, we aren’t spending yet; we are just collecting the right information for the task at hand. After step 2, then we can think of spending.

Save Up for It

Instead of moping around because you can’t afford an item, work towards it. This is not to say you should spend all your money on the dress, only buy it if you can COMFORTABLY afford it. For two months put a sizeable amount away in a savings account or somewhere you know is safe. The time will pass away faster than you think and you can finally buy that dress.

A good alternative to buying an item you have seen in a magazine is to buy one that looks exactly like it. That will save you more money and it will still look a lot like the dress. Remember the sexy red & black dress by Liam Fashion Agency Toolz wore? Well I have seen other variations of that same dress that isn’t by the same designer. So it is possible.

Sort Through what you Already have

Don’t just throw away your old clothes in the name of a wardrobe make over. You might still have some rare gems in there. Check out the trends you like, and then go through your wardrobe to see what items can still be transformed into outfits that fit the trends. Keep in mind that trends go and they come, so be very liberal with your selection process. Pieces like white tops, faux leather, a Little Black Dress (LBD), any animal print, Aztec deigns etc never go out of trend. They are simply redefined.

List the Key Items your Wardrobe Lacks

There are some items that are classics in the world of fashion. For women I listed a couple in the preceding tip like the LBD, Aztec prints and white tops, for men blazers, pocket squares, slim ties, at least a pair of nice snickers etc should always be in your closet. Select items for their colours, prints, textures, wear-ability and style.
Also, always have items that can keep you warm or cold in different weathers. Sweaters, sheer tops are a must and will always be handy.

Buy as many Items as you can (Within your budget)

To move along faster, you should buy as much as your budget can carry. Plan out how much you have, figure out the price range for the items you would like to purchase and allocate money for them. This way you would see results a lot faster but still have enough money for other things.

Also remember there are some nice vintage stores that have great pieces you can buy. I once found a pretty Dorothy Perkins bag for N2,500 at a shop in Gbagada. Don’t ask how that happened; just know that it is possible.

Lastly, Update Yourself

Fashion has never been known to stand still. After you have completed your dream wardrobe, remember to keep refreshing BellaNaija and all your favourite magazines and blogs on what is hot in fashion and style. This way you are never out of the loop.

Remember that true style comes from within and sometimes we have to make sacrifices to look good. Fashion gives us the tools, style is what we build. No matter how many trends come out, be sure to always remain true to yourself. Have any style advice that others can benefit from? Don’t forget to share.