Leave baby foods for babies

BY: Wise Chukuwudi Letsa
It is a fact that some people diet with baby foods; for weight loss.

BABY food is any soft, easily consumed food other than breastmilk or infant formula that is made specifically for human babies between four and six months and two years old. The food comes in many varieties and flavours that are purchased ready-made from producers. Or it may be table food eaten by the family that has been mashed or otherwise broken down.

These days, adults are in a big fight with babies for their food. This is very common among young ladies who feed on baby cereals. The popularly known baby cereals are their food most days of the week. The unbelievable part of this whole development is that a lot of these young ladies are weight watchers. They want to lose weight yet they feast on baby cereals. Not knowing that they are the cause of their own weight problems.

It is a fact that some people diet with baby foods; for weight loss. This way, they eat just a can or a small portion of baby food in place of their regular meals (replacement meals). This gives them fewer calories than they would have consumed from their regular meals. Mind you, they diet and so they eat just a little of the baby food.

Although it is safe to eat baby food (especially when it’s homemade), it is not typically recommended for every meal. As an adult, you have complex nutritional requirements. That is why most experts recommend eating baby food as a snack or as an occasional meal replacement. You can even use baby food to make healthy desserts.

Some of these unsuspecting baby food eaters are also managing one or more of the common lifestyle related diseases; yet they enjoy baby foods. It is not only baby cereals that are enjoyed by these adults; a lot of the pureed baby foods which come in different flavours are abused as well. The quick delivery of nutrients is not of any special advantage to grown-ups.

In most cases, we encourage high fibre diets for adults for the single reason that they encourage a slow release of simple sugars (glucose), fatty acids and other nutrients into the blood stream for use by the body. That explains why baby foods though tasty, cannot be the food of choice for adults who want to lose weight or manage other lifestyle related conditions.

Also, small amounts of baby foods can provide babies’ nutrient needs since their small stomachs cannot accommodate a lot of food. For adults who eat these foods, larger amounts will have to be consumed so their adult sized stomachs get filled for satisfaction. This enhances over-eating and its attendant issues.

In some cases, the elderly, very sick and challenged person can be given some of these foods made for babies; this is fit for their use due to their vulnerable situation. I am by no means making a case against this kind of applications of baby foods. Even in a situation like this, the right application of these foods is expected.

Aim to consume well balanced meals made from a variety of ingredients and eat the right amounts of food. Speak to a dietician today for guidelines on making healthy meals and eating for health and wellness; you do not have to fall sick before doing that.
And let me remind you; stop fighting over baby foods, leave them for the babies. They will thank you for respecting their needs.

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