Klefe rounds off Yam Festival with grand durbar

BY: Alberto Mario Noretti, KLEFE-DEMETE
Togbe Dzaga (left) and Dr Archibald Yao Letsa in a hearty exchange at the durbar

THE people of Klefe, near Ho, last Saturday rounded off the celebration of their Yam Festival with a grand durbar at the Demete Park.

The event which was meant to raise funds for the Klefe Technical Institute was on the theme: “Community and Central Government Partnership – A Necessary Collaboration for Holistic Education.”

The Volta Regional Minister, Dr Archibald Yao Letsa, who graced the occasion, commended the traditional authorities for offering career counselling for pupils of Klefe basic schools, saying that was crucial for the development of the area.
He entreated the people of Klefe to consolidate the peace and promote their rich indigenous culture and heritage among the young ones to give them a unique identity.

Dr Letsa, a native of Klefe, said the high premium the people of Klefe attached to the technical institute was most appropriate, considering the fact that the current global trend demanded a dynamic shift from the status quo to the training of a skilful workforce to support the growth of industry as well as the creation of jobs and wealth.

“This is because it is from these educational institutions that the foundation is laid for our children to acquire the essential vocational and technical skills for further training at the technical universities, polytechnics and the traditional universities,” he added.
The regional minister said the Klefe Technical Institute was well placed to provide the needed opportunity to the youth to develop sterling careers.

Dr Letsa pledged the Volta Regional Coordinating Council’s support for the Klefe Technical Institute in various ways to enable it to grow and benefit generations yet unborn.

The Fiaga of Klefe, Togbe Kwaku Dzaga XI, said the community started a technical institution which took off two decades ago, and it was now an attraction to many young people not only locally but also from neighbouring communities.

However, he said, the limited funding from community levies made it difficult to meet and sustain the progress of the school.
“Klefe Technical Institute (KTI) needs the support of all to remain on course,” Togbe Dzaga appealed.
He said with the appropriate support, Klefe Technical Institute could become the feeder institution to the Ho Technical Institute.

Meanwhile, Togbe Dzaga expressed concern about the stone extraction business in Klefe, and said although it provided livelihood to many young people, there was the need to carry it out with utmost consideration for the environment.
“We need to take steps to address some issues like land reclamation or restoration before mother mature does it for us or punish us for not doing so,” he stated.

The Fiaga of Klefe insisted that future generations must be inheritors of the land and not just survivors.