Mobile phones disrupting relationships

BY: Mabel Faith Tannor
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Mobile phones in today's generation, can be very irritating when you seriously need the attention of your partner for a serious conversation.

Though mobile phones has helped in building and shaping societies, especially with easy communication and fast access to information, these gadgets can be very distruptive in building good relationships.

Children today are unable to have good communication with their parents even when there is a need to be assisted with their home works because of the addictive nature of some parents to their mobile phones.

Many couples have had some misunderstandings, as a result of their partners being glued to their mobile phones, even when face to face conversation is needed with the family. 


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In most situations, we find husband and wives, busily chit chatting and browsing on their phones, whatsuping, snapcharting, instagraming, facebooking or twitting etc.

Doing all these things is not bad at all, but over doing it when your partner is rightly beside you really irritates.

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Most young parent spends so much time on their phones, leaving their children alone with the least attention.

Having communications with kids and partners, to find out what is really happening in their lives, school and work, has become the least concern of most parents and also partners.

Those in serious relationships also spend most time on their phone even in the presence of their partners, making communication a thing of the past.

Bad habits

One thing many forget is the fact that frequent communication with their partners, gives them the opportunity to know and understand their partners better in relation to their mode swing. (tone when angry and when happy.)

When face to face communication replaces phones (whatsuping, facebooking etc.) there is a higher possibility of losing, the respect and trust of important personalities in life. 

Parents also loses the opportunity of knowing what really goes on in their children’s personal life.

Have you ever seen a husband and wife busy on their phones, living their children on their own?, What comes to mind after such scene. 

These attitude really puts children away from engaging in any form of conversation with their children. 

Dad on phone forgetting daughter

No matter how important the browsing might be, parents must note that being glued to your phones, can make children feel very uncomfortable, and can even make them lose the respect they have for such parents.


When it comes to family and relationship, let’s try to put the phone aside and give the fullest attention we can give to the people that really matters one way or the other in our life.

To be a husband, wife and parents in this technology world, you need discipline. 


On hangout days with friends and family, the phone must be kept aside until maybe “selfies” comes in.

When talking to your bosses or any senior person being it home, office or church, the phone must be put away etc.

boss and staff

Remember many are observing how often you pay attention to these gadget than your work and love ones.

Give your fullest attention by keeping the phone away, especially when face to face communication is involved.

Face to face communication helps in every area of our lives, which needs to be upgraded from time to time.

Therefore make sure phones becomes a secondary tool of communication, in order to build better relationships.

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