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Wed, Aug

Lifestyle & Relationships

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Accra Mall, the city's most visited retail center, is set to host the inaugural Accra Mall Fashion Weekend.

The event will take place on August 24 and. Over 10 fashion retailers will take to the runway to showcase fashion forward pieces available at Accra Mall.

The weekend event will be curated by Glitz Africa, and will kick off on August 24 with a beauty lounge event headlined by Mac Cosmetics, the official make-up sponsor.

Lololi Quashigah


Young, bright fashion designer, Lololi Quashigah, will unfold her latest creations today at the Paloma Hotel on the Spintex Road in Accra.

It would be the 14-year-old designer’s third exhibition after previous ones at N’Joy Hotel (2015) and Oak Plaza Hotel (2016), both in Accra.

Men are almost twice as likely to smile at a woman in heels than one in flats, and are significantly more likely to offer her help


If you wear high heels at work, prepare for some good news – and some bad.

British researchers say evidence suggests both women and men find those in heels more appealing.

Pregnant Serena Williams has posed naked on the cover of August's Vanity Fair magazine.

The tennis star found out she was expecting her first child with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian just before the Australian Open in January.

Business suit care


A lot of you who wear suits have requested for an article on how to clean and maintain your suits. The basic rule that must constantly be observed when cleaning your clothes is: READ THE LABEL CARE INSTRUCTIONS.

For instance, there are some clothes that should only be dry cleaned. The attached label on the clothes will indicate whether it should be dry cleaned, machine washed or hand washed.

Islamic dress code


Islam instructs both Muslim men and women to dress in a modest way. For women clothing must cover the entire body, only the hands and face may remain visible.

Hopefully, this coming Monday Muslims across the world would be celebrating the Eid ul-Fitr. It is an important event for Muslims across the globe. The name translates into English as the ’festival of breaking of the fast’.

Never has 'eat your greens' sounded more appealing – it seems that men who eat a diet heavy in fruit and vegetables and more likely to be attractive to women. Researchers from Macquarie University in Australia carried out a small study in which they tested the diets of 43 men.

Scientists used a skin test (bright red, yellow, and orange foods tinge our skin very slightly when consumed regularly) to measure the diets of participants. After, they asked the men to exercise while wearing a clean, unscented cotton t-shirt. After, nine women gave them a big sniff.

Twelve things you should consider before starting a business


So you want to start a business, you’ve found some great co-founders, a pot of seed capital and think you’ve got a cracking idea.

But is there something you’ve forgotten to do? MT bent the ears of a few entrepreneurs who’ve been there, done that, to find out what they wish they’d thought of (or are pleased they did think of) before starting out.

Never buy these five products from the supermarket


In the past, people needed to visit several different places, such as the butcher, the fishmonger or the bakery, to complete the weekly shop.

The last few decades have seen shoppers turn to the supermarket for almost all of their weekly needs.

Now you are dating, you might feel the need for a significant talk: The Define the Relationship conversation.

There comes a point when one or both partners want to know, “Are we a couple or just hanging out together? Do we have the same idea about where this relationship is going?”

Breakups. Whether you “consciously uncoupled” or were heartlessly dumped out of the blue, any kind of parting ways can sting.

There are healthy ways to deal with your grief, which is real and vaild, but there are also things that can trip you up and postpone healing. Don’t lose heart: you will move on in time, find a love better suited for you, and all of this will be a memory.

Loneliness is deadlier than obesity and should be considered a public health risk, experts have warned.

Those with bad social connections have a 50 percent increased risk of early death compared to those with good social connections, a review of studies on loneliness suggests.

Researchers in the US looked at 218 studies into the health effects of loneliness and social isolation.



Some three years ago, a young woman in a relationship with a man of her dreams visited him unannounced and found him in bed with her closest friend.

They were so engrossed that they didn’t know somebody was watching.


Studies show every human being has between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. If we are uniquely different in our temperament and sexuality, then no matter how much we love each other, we will have different views, thoughts and needs.

In relationships, partners reinforce and deepen their oneness through effective communication and sharing ideas.

If you find yourself in this situation, where your man is perfect but the sex life is lacking, take a look at this advice before you waste too many years on sex that doesn’t make your toes curl.

1. Find The Root Cause

What makes it so bad? Is it a compatibility issue? Is it boring? Maybe sex can be bad because you’re experiencing sexual pain. According to Marin, we need to spend some time figuring out what exactly makes it so bad in order to fix it.

The searing pain of a failed relationship is the greatest suffering many of us will ever experience. Being heartbroken can make you feel worthless and hopeless - but that is because the frame you are using is too narrow. Learning to see your situation with a different frame is a wonderful liberation.

Here are ten things that one can do in that situation.

There is obviously a first time for everything in life and taking the first step usually comes with anxieties and apprehensions. When the initiator of the action is you, and it involves the matters of the heart, you surely want to do it right and be very impressive.

Cut down complains, criticism and name calling


Human nature is selfish. We fight for what we need, when and how we need it. If our needs are not met we blame our lovers. We ignore the lump in our eyes and criticise the speck in our lover’s eyes.

When something goes wrong, you have the natural tendency to point a finger at your lover. You think you are right and your lover is wrong. She thinks she is right and you are wrong. Call it the blame game.