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Mon, Oct

Lifestyle & Relationships

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The collection features Hollywood Ghanaian star, Abraham Attah


Considering the high volume of fashion designers that simultaneously emerge every year, it is too easy to miss a few. One brand that definitely deserves attention is CHAPTERS COUTURE. When Chapters Couture introduced their “Phronesis” Black and White themed collection at the visually impaired fashion show in November 2016 to promote peace ahead of Ghana’s election, everyone in the audience was astound and thought the new collection was imminent. But then it never came — until now.

President Akufo-Addo's infectious wear


In his bid to promote made-in-Ghana fabrics, the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, wears shirts made with Ghanaian fabrics.

The beautifully designed shirts look good on the President and this has influenced quite a number of his appointees to do same.

The Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dr Ziblim Barri Iddi is advocating the inclusion of Mondays and Wednesdays to the National Friday wear initiative to promote the extensive use of local prints as well as project a unique Ghanaian identity.

Accra Mall, the city's most visited retail center, is set to host the inaugural Accra Mall Fashion Weekend.

The event will take place on August 24 and. Over 10 fashion retailers will take to the runway to showcase fashion forward pieces available at Accra Mall.

The weekend event will be curated by Glitz Africa, and will kick off on August 24 with a beauty lounge event headlined by Mac Cosmetics, the official make-up sponsor.

Lololi Quashigah


Young, bright fashion designer, Lololi Quashigah, will unfold her latest creations today at the Paloma Hotel on the Spintex Road in Accra.

It would be the 14-year-old designer’s third exhibition after previous ones at N’Joy Hotel (2015) and Oak Plaza Hotel (2016), both in Accra.

Men are almost twice as likely to smile at a woman in heels than one in flats, and are significantly more likely to offer her help


If you wear high heels at work, prepare for some good news – and some bad.

British researchers say evidence suggests both women and men find those in heels more appealing.

German cosmetics firm NIVEA has said its billboard ad which promotes “visibly fairer skin” is not meant to demean dark-skinned people nor glorify fair-skinned people.

The ad attracted a lot of bashing from Ghanaians on social media with several people expressing disgust about it.

Are you putting off a big project that you really should start today – perhaps holding out for the perfect possible time?

You could be on to something.

Most people decide to make changes in their lives around landmark dates. Mondays and the New Year are obvious choices for initiating a new, goal-oriented behaviour, such as getting started training for a marathon, getting out of debt or striving for a promotion.

(CNN)Staying up late to cram for an early exam may not be doing college students any good, according to a new study focused on college students and their sleep patterns.

One of the most salient truths about relationships is this: You teach people how to treat you. This applies to dating, work, friendships, and every other kind of relationship.

All of your communication, verbal and nonverbal, accrues to show another person how you expect to be treated. That’s why it’s crucial for you to stand up for yourself and refuse to be treated unfairly.

Starting school before 8.30am increases students' risk of suffering depression and anxiety, new research suggests.

Early start times are thought to put pressure on children to get plenty of shut eye, which hinders their ability to sleep and puts them at greater risk of mental health conditions, the researchers believe.

We must take steps to ensure our kitchens support a healthy life


The kitchen is the place where you prepare meals for the family. Whatever goes on there therefore determines how healthy the whole family becomes to a large extent. 

One is truly what they eat because food builds up the body. The elements (chemicals) found in food are the same chemicals that make up the human body.

Angst-ridden letters from a young Barack Obama to his girlfriend reveal a 20-something plagued by insecurities about race, class and money.

The handwritten letters are between a young Mr Obama and Alexandra McNear, who he met in California as a student.

Some show the future president's early struggles, working a job he cares little for just to get by.

Most partners withdraw to protect their self-esteem.


There are hundreds of germs all around us but they are so small they are invisible to the human eye. However, when allowed to invade your body, they break down your immune system and may leave you sick, dying or dead.

In the same way, in relationships there are many ‘germs’ around us. These are small things we take for granted but which if not treated leave our relationships sick, dying or dead. One such germ is called withdrawal.

One of the more interesting facts in Esther Perel's new book, State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity, comes near the beginning.

Recently, there was a news report about a young Ghanaian man who had wedded an ‘oburoni’ or white man. This Ghanaian attended Achimota School.

In fact, he was one of my top class chemistry students who, through exemplary character and good qualities, rose to be the senior prefect of the school and later obtained graduate degrees in some of the most prestigious institutions in the United States of America.

Look, no relationship and no person are perfect. Navigating through life as a couple is tough stuff — but that totally doesn't give someone a free pass to manipulate you and treat you like crap.

The only problem is, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between normal relationship issues and truly toxic habits. But you might want to say goodbye fast to a partner who displays any of these signs:

There are certain important qualities we’re taught to look for in our romantic partners: Are they honest? Are they strong communicators? Are they good at handling money? And the list goes on. 

But what about the less obvious signs that someone will make a great husband or wife? We asked relationship experts to tell us what seemingly small things actually say a lot about a person. Below, find out what marriage therapists, psychologists and authors had to say: