Letters: Follow COVID-19 protocols

BY: Junior Graphic
Students have seen the importance of wearing face masks to prevent infection of COVID-19 and inhaling polluted air.

Dear Editor, Even though COVID-19 has killed many people  and crippled economies and social activities around the globe, it has made some positive impact on our lives.

It has aided in promoting personal hygiene. Previously, we only washed our hands when we were about to eat or after attending to nature’s call.

However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone makes a conscious effort   to wash and sanitise his or her hands  frequently  as protection from the virus.

People also sanitise plain surfaces and   trim   long finger nails as a precautionary measure against the virus.

In addition, COVID-19 has made people more concerned  about their diet.  In the past, people ate junk foods which were dangerous to their health but now people cook healthy foods in their homes and  eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in order to build their immune system. Others are exercising regularly in order to keep their bodies fit.

People with chronic health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and  asthma  are taking their medications religiously to manage their conditions. 

The health sector has seen a boost when it comes to infrastructure.  Modern district hospitals have been put up to support the existing ones. A typical example is the  Ga East District Hospital.

The COVID- 19 Trust Fund  was also set up to support the vulnerable and those who will be  badly  hit by measures adopted to combat the  disease. All these interventions are good. But for COVID-19 we wouldn’t have seen the establishment of these in good time. 

Wearing  nose or face masks to prevent infection is also helping us to  avoid inhaling polluted air. Before the outbreak,  one would have been ridiculed for wearing a mask in public.

I urge each and every individual to follow the protocols  in order to keep the virus at bay.

Bernard Nyabledzi,
Kaneshie Senior High Technical School,