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Mixed reactions to Independence Day march

Author: Rita Antwi
Some of the schoolchildren marching at the Black Star Square in Accra.
Some of the schoolchildren marching at the Black Star Square in Accra.

Some students who took part in this year’s Independence Day march at the Black Star Square in Accra, have called for a review of the march past in view of the long hours they often have to stand waiting for the ceremony to start.

They said the long period of standing usually took a toll on them.

The students who spoke in separate interviews with the Junior Graphic shortly after the national parade in Accra had mixed feelings about their participation.

One student, Rita Aryee of the Sacred Heart Technical Institute, said it was the first time she was taking part in the celebration and was happy because in her own way, she had also made history, so found it very interesting.

“I wish I would have the opportunity to be here again, God willing next year,” she added.

Another pupil, Ibrahim Alhassan of the Hajaz Islamic School said though it was a great experience marching to celebrate Ghana’s independence, he would not want to march again because he was so tired standing at the square grounds for so long.

“I think the government should see to it that students and pupils who participate in the march would not stand for too long since it makes some of us collapse during the parade,” he added.

Frederick Amoako of the Accra Technical Training Centre said he did not think students and pupils should take part in the march because some often ended up fainting from exhaustion.

For her part, Portia Affum also of the Sacred Heart Institute said she would not want to march again because at a point she felt dizzy but tried so hard to continue marching till the end.

“Though I ate before coming to march, at a point I became weak,” she said.

A total of 768 teachers, students and pupils took part in the march past at the Black Star Square.